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Thirteen former cast members of the television show One Tree Hill reunited for a charity basketball game in Wilmington, North Carolina organized by Friends with Benefits Charity Events to raise money for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. Among the participants were James Lafferty, Bryan Greenberg, and Stephen Colletti, who expressed their joy at being back on the court where the show was filmed and reuniting with their former co-stars. Chad Michael Murray, who was unable to attend in person, sent a video message expressing his desire to be there and his support for the event.

Despite Murray’s absence, the reunion was a special moment for the cast members, many of whom had not seen each other in a long time. The group split into two teams, with Paul Johannson and Craig Sheffer, who portrayed feuding brothers Dan and Keith Scott on the show, leading opposing sides. Murray, in his video message, declared his allegiance to “Team Keith,” but ultimately Team Dan emerged victorious with a score of 78-72. The event was a nostalgic and fun-filled experience for both the cast members and fans of the beloved show.

The charity basketball game provided an opportunity for the former One Tree Hill stars to come together for a good cause and reminisce about their time working on the show. They expressed gratitude for being able to reunite on the court where they had filmed scenes for the series and reconnect with each other. The event also helped raise awareness and funds for cancer research through the V Foundation, showcasing the cast’s commitment to giving back and supporting important causes.

The presence of familiar faces such as Lafferty, Greenberg, and Colletti, as well as the absence of Murray, who sent his support from afar, added a layer of nostalgia and camaraderie to the charity basketball game. Fans of One Tree Hill were delighted to see the cast members coming together to support a meaningful cause and engage in friendly competition on the court. The event highlighted the enduring bonds forged during the filming of the show and the lasting impact it had on both the cast and viewers.

The charity basketball game showcased the enduring popularity and impact of One Tree Hill, bringing together a talented and beloved cast for a special reunion event. The camaraderie and friendship among the former cast members were evident as they reminisced about their time on the show and participated in friendly competition on the court. The event not only raised funds for cancer research but also served as a heartwarming reminder of the lasting connections formed during the production of the beloved television series.

Overall, the charity basketball game featuring former One Tree Hill stars was a heartwarming and nostalgic reunion for the cast members and fans alike. The event highlighted the enduring impact of the show and the strong bonds that were formed among the actors during their time working together. By coming together to support a meaningful cause, the cast members demonstrated their commitment to giving back and making a positive difference in the world. The charity event was a testament to the enduring legacy of One Tree Hill and the special bond shared by its cast members.

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