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Bondex, a web3 professional and social network, has recently integrated the OKX Wallet into its platform to enhance user experience for its over 2 million active users. This integration aims to make talent acquisition and job hunting easier, with users able to earn referral bounties of up to $10,000. Companies like Chainlink,, and Ankr are already using Bondex, and the addition of OKX is expected to broaden the candidate pipeline. To celebrate the integration, Bondex is launching the OKX Cryptopedia Campaign, offering $200,000 worth of Bondex Tokens ($BDXN) to OKX’s 50 million users, providing an opportunity to engage with the platform and earn rewards.

In addition to the Cryptopedia Campaign, Bondex plans to list several hiring opportunities for OKX, which they describe as a ‘new and effective way’ of talent acquisition. With established web3 companies already utilizing the platform for their hiring needs, Bondex is excited about the growth potential through this partnership. The company is also working towards listing its native BNDX token on various centralized cryptocurrency exchanges later this year, which will further enhance user convenience with the integration of the OKX Wallet.

OKX Cryptopedia is a platform designed for learning and earning through DApps like Bondex, where participants can engage in quests to win rewards and explore new projects in the Web3 space. To participate in the Cryptopedia Campaign, users need to download the OKX App, create or import a wallet, access the Cryptopedia section, and complete the quest related to Bondex’s season 18. The campaign runs until June 4th, providing users with the opportunity to earn rewards and connect with the Bondex platform.

OKX is a leading cryptocurrency exchange offering advanced financial services through blockchain technology, allowing users to trade hundreds of tokens and pairs, as well as access services like spot, margin, options, futures, DeFi, lending, and mining. On the other hand, Bondex is the fastest-growing web3 professional and social network with over 4.2 million app downloads and 1 million+ monthly active users. The platform connects web3 professionals, companies, and recruiters, offering rewards for engaging activities and successful job referrals. The partnership with OKX is expected to further enhance the user experience and provide new opportunities for both companies and users.

Bondex CEO Ignacio Palomera expressed excitement about the partnership with OKX, highlighting the numerous job opportunities, airdrop rewards, and upcoming social features that will contribute to the community’s growth. With prominent companies already using Bondex for their hiring needs, the addition of the OKX Wallet integration is expected to significantly expand the candidate pipeline and provide users with a seamless and secure platform for talent acquisition and job hunting. Through the Cryptopedia Campaign and future developments, Bondex aims to continue growing as the leading web3 professional network.

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