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The ski season at Apex Mountain Resort and other local ski hills in British Columbia has officially come to an end, marking one of the most challenging seasons in recent memory. The season started off with little to no snow on the ground, followed by extreme weather conditions including both extreme cold and warm spells. This cycle of challenging weather persisted throughout the season, leading to a decrease in traffic compared to previous years. Despite the challenges, Apex Mountain Resort managed to maintain steady weekend traffic and closed for the season on Monday, while Silverstar Mountain Resort near Vernon has limited runs open until Sunday and Big White Ski Resort announced they will be staying open an extra week, until April 14th.

At Big White Ski Resort, vice-president Michael J. Ballingall reflected on the tumultuous season, stating that Mother Nature threw every curveball possible at them. Some days were successful, while on others, they had to absorb the challenges. The resort remained open later in the season as a gesture to their loyal customer base, despite facing competition from other springtime activities such as soccer, baseball, golf, and the lake. Despite the difficulties faced this season, there is hope for next season as it is predicted to experience a La Nina phase, which is typically associated with good snow years.

Apex Mountain Resort general manager James Shalman also acknowledged the challenging season, mentioning that the slow start with little snow during the Christmas vacation period was not ideal. However, he remains optimistic about the forecast for the upcoming season as they transition from an El Nino phase to a La Nina phase, which is expected to bring favorable snow conditions. Despite the decrease in traffic this season compared to the previous year, Shalman noted that the resort’s numbers were fairly good, even though it was not their best year ever. The ski hills in British Columbia have faced a rollercoaster of weather conditions, with extreme cold and warm spells causing disruptions throughout the season.

Overall, the ski season at local ski hills in British Columbia has been challenging due to unpredictable weather conditions and fluctuations in snowfall. Despite the obstacles faced, many resorts have managed to maintain steady weekend traffic and extend their closing dates to accommodate loyal customers. The transition from an El Nino phase to a La Nina phase is anticipated to bring favorable snow conditions for the upcoming season, giving hope for better skiing conditions in the future. While this season may not have been the best for many resorts, they remain optimistic about the potential for improvement in the next season with more consistent snowfall.

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