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Offleash’d, a pet-friendly social networking app, is currently in the process of raising funds to improve its features and attract more users. CEO Terry James is excited about the potential for growth as the company looks to raise about $3 million by the second quarter of this year. The app, which first launched in 2022, serves as a community for “pet parents” looking to connect over shared interests, whether it be for friendship, dating, or group events.

James, along with co-founder Manish Methai, has built a small team of six to help grow Offleash’d. The app, which is available on both iOS and Android, recently released a new version that includes live video chatting and texting. The team is also working on developing a groups platform and an events platform, both of which will be powered by artificial intelligence to increase connectivity among users. With a focus on engaging a younger, more technology-savvy audience, Offleash’d is aiming to provide a platform that users feel comfortable using.

Membership for Offleash’d costs about $20 a month and allows members to start groups, host events, and participate in community activities. The app also monetizes through partnerships with other businesses, events, and a marketplace where members can buy pet-related gear and products. James believes that Offleash’d is at the forefront of integrating AI into its platform, using it not only for matchmaking purposes but also to learn about users and their preferences. This allows the app to recommend relevant groups and events to users based on their interests.

With approximately 3,500 existing members and users, Offleash’d has also attracted 60,000 community members across social media platforms. The app is currently live in Seattle and Los Angeles, with plans to expand to San Diego and San Francisco in 2024. James envisions a platform where pet owners can connect with others who share similar interests and learn from experts in the pet community. By continuing to leverage AI technology, Offleash’d aims to create a robust community that empowers users with the information they need to enhance their pet ownership experience.

As Offleash’d continues to grow and attract more users, James remains optimistic about the company’s future. He views the app as a refreshing concept in the social networking space, bringing people together over their shared love of pets. With ongoing development of new features and a focus on engaging a younger, more tech-savvy audience, Offleash’d is poised to become a leading platform for pet owners to connect, learn, and interact with others in the pet community.

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