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Barack Obama recently visited Joe Biden at the White House, recognizing the importance of the upcoming election. Obama believes the 2024 election will be a close one and sees it as an “all-hands-on-deck” moment. During their meeting, the two presidents participated in an organizing call for the 14th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, emphasizing the importance of re-electing Biden and Kamala Harris in November. The campaign also recorded additional content featuring Obama and Biden that will be released soon.

Obama and Biden have regular communication, and Obama remains in contact with top White House officials, including Biden’s chief of staff. Obama has been assisting Biden with fundraising appeals and quiet conversations to address concerns from Democrats about Biden seeking a second term. As the general election approaches, Obama’s involvement in the campaign is expected to increase, with plans for several campaign appearances before November to help rebuild Biden’s winning coalition from 2020.

Obama’s support for Biden’s reelection efforts will be highlighted at a star-studded fundraiser in Manhattan, where he will join Biden and Bill Clinton for a rare conversation moderated by Stephen Colbert. This event underscores the historic moment in American politics as a sitting president battles to keep his predecessor from returning to the White House. While Obama’s appeal is strong among disillusioned Democrats, the strategist emphasizes that the burden of winning the race still lies with President Biden.

At the fundraiser, which will feature numerous celebrities and artists, guests will have the opportunity to get their photos taken with all three presidents by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz. Obama’s popularity as a national Democrat has been evident in the campaign’s fundraising efforts, with grassroots initiatives raising over $15 million so far this cycle. Obama will focus on making fundraising appeals and motivating young Americans, particularly Black and Latino voters, in the coming months leading up to the election.

Obama plans to hit the campaign trail aggressively in the fall when early voting begins, focusing on college campuses and major cities in battleground states. His main points of focus will be Israel’s war in Gaza and reproductive rights, which will be central to his pitch to voters. Jim Messina, Obama’s former campaign manager, expressed Obama’s commitment to helping Biden secure a second term, emphasizing the urgent need to defeat Trump’s influence in the upcoming election.

Obama’s willingness to support Biden’s campaign has been clear, with one senior Biden adviser noting that the former president is fully committed to the cause. With Obama’s popularity and influence, his support and involvement in the campaign will play a crucial role in rallying support for Biden and Harris in the months leading up to the election.

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