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Today’s Strands puzzle presented a challenge for players, with a theme hint of “That’s fantastic!” and an extra hint of “Actually, that’s fantasy.” The theme of the day was mythological creatures, with players needing to find six words that fit this category. The Spangram for the day was “MYTHOLOGICAL,” which linked two opposite sides of the grid. The other words to find were Dragon, Centaur, Ogre, Fairy, Cyclops, and Mermaid.

The Strands puzzle is a play on the classic word search, with a new game available every day in beta form. Players are presented with a grid of letters and must find words that have something in common based on a given clue. When a word is found, it remains highlighted in blue. Players also need to find the Spangram, which links opposite sides of the board and is highlighted in yellow. The goal is to find all the words that fit the theme and the Spangram to complete the puzzle.

Today’s Strands puzzle focused on mythological creatures, following a similar format to the previous day’s astrological signs theme. Players had to uncover creatures from ancient legend and fantasy, such as dragons, fairies, and mermaids. While some words were easier to find than others, the overall challenge was engaging for players. The hint given by the author helped direct players towards the theme of fantasy creatures rather than exclamations.

Players shared their experiences with solving the Strands puzzle on social media, discussing their strategies and successes. Some found certain words easier to uncover than others, such as spotting a fairy early on in the grid. The discovery of the Spangram, MYTHOLOGICAL, was a key moment in solving the puzzle and uncovering the rest of the theme words. Overall, players enjoyed the challenge of unraveling a mythological menagerie in the Strands puzzle.

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