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A Harlem woman, Michelle Hernandez, has been charged with the murder of her boyfriend, Alejandro Santos. Santos identified Hernandez as his attacker before succumbing to his injuries from stab wounds to his chest and arm. He stumbled out of their apartment while bleeding and told a neighbor that Hernandez had stabbed him before collapsing. Hernandez then came out of the apartment and told neighbors that Santos had been stabbed, revealing the location of the knife, before whispering to him not to tell anyone she stabbed him or she would go to jail.

After being taken in for questioning by the police, Hernandez was waffling on the facts of the situation but maintained that Santos had stabbed himself. When asked about Santos’ dying claim that she had stabbed him, she insisted that he had said he was going to blame her for the stabbing before stabbing himself. Hernandez had a cut on her hand that could be consistent with knife use, and the police found security cameras and bloodied knives during a search of the apartment. The police considered the incident a result of a domestic dispute between the couple.

Hernandez and Santos had met while living in a shelter a few years prior. They had moved in together about two years ago. There was at least one previous incident between them where 911 was called after Hernandez threatened to jump out of their window. Hernandez has a history of drug use and violent behavior, including incidents such as kicking a pregnant woman in the stomach during a fight at a shelter and breaking another resident’s arm in 2017. She had previously served time in jail and was on probation.

Following the incident, Hernandez was charged with murder and ordered to be held without bail. She is scheduled to appear back in court on May 22. The prosecutor revealed that Hernandez was known for her volatile behavior and had a violent history. The couple’s relationship had a tumultuous past, with instances of threats and violence. Despite Hernandez’s claims that Santos had stabbed himself, the evidence found in their apartment, including bloodied knives, implicated her in the murder. The case is ongoing, and more details may emerge as the investigation continues.

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