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Netflix, known for its streaming movies and TV shows, is expanding its offerings by adding five new games to its library in May. These games can be accessed on mobile devices through a Netflix subscription, which starts at $7 a month. One of the highlighted games is Braid Anniversary Edition, a remastered version of the award-winning indie title that explores themes of memories, regrets, and relationships. The game includes new levels and developer commentary from Jonathan Blow, the creator.

Another game added to the library is Sonic Mania Plus, featuring classic pixel graphics and beloved Sonic zones, as well as new levels and characters. Paper Trail is a cozy top-down puzzle game where players solve puzzles by folding the world around them like a pop-up book. Katana Zero is a neon-drenched action platformer where players control an assassin with amnesia who can rewind time to uncover their past. Lastly, Netflix Stories: Virgin River allows players to interact with characters from the Netflix series and explore popular locations.

To access these games on Netflix, users need to download the Netflix app on their iOS or Android device, sign in to their account, and navigate to the Mobile Games carousel on the homepage. From there, users can tap into a game to learn more and download it. Games can also be searched for by entering the title in the app. The games will begin downloading on the device after confirmation from either the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

In addition to these new games, Netflix offers other titles in its games library, including Hades and the Grand Theft Auto series. Users can also explore the latest and upcoming titles on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Apple Arcade, and Crunchyroll Game Vault. With a Netflix subscription, users can enjoy a variety of games without ads or in-app purchases, making it a convenient and cost-effective way to access entertainment on the go. Whether you’re a fan of indie titles, classic platformers, or immersive storytelling, Netflix’s expanding game library has something for everyone to enjoy.

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