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The Nordic countries of Sweden, Denmark, and Finland are known for being among the happiest nations on earth. However, a recent poll conducted by Ipsos for Euronews indicates that voters in these countries are not content with Green or Liberal politicians. Despite their happiness, the upcoming elections in these countries are expected to see a strong showing for social democrats, making the region a rarity in Europe where right-wing parties usually dominate. The poll suggests that the support for the radical right seen across Europe will not be reflected in the delegation of 51 MEPs sent by the three countries.

Scheduled to take place from 6-9 June 2024, the upcoming elections to appoint 720 Members of the European Parliament are expected to be one of the world’s biggest democratic exercises. The unprecedented survey conducted by Euronews interviewed 26,000 people in countries representing 96% of the EU population, including 1,000 in each of the three Nordic states. The results show that while these nations may be the world’s happiest, their voters are not as content with the current state of politics. The poll predicts that the pro-European Green and Liberal parties will face a decrease in their MEP total, dropping from 20 to 13.

The Liberal coalition Renew is expected to lose MEPs in Sweden, Denmark, and Finland according to the poll. Likewise, Finland’s Green League is predicted to lose two MEPs for the next five-year term, and its Swedish counterpart is expected to lose one. This trend is also seen across Europe, with voters turning away from parties like Emmanuel Macron’s Renaissance Party and the governing German Greens. The politics of all three Nordic countries are highly splintered, with Denmark’s 15 MEPs set to be distributed among nine parties, and Sweden’s among eight. In total, ten Nordic parties could end up sending delegations consisting of just a single MEP.

Despite the uncertainty, the poll suggests that Denmark’s Liberal Alliance, a longstanding party currently without MEPs, is predicted to claim two seats. The party has previously been associated with Renew but is now being placed among the center-right EPP based on the reported preferences of its lead candidate. The Nordic bloc is set to lose its one ID Group MEP from the Danish People’s Party, though that seat may be taken up by the Danish Democrats, a newcomer populist party yet to confirm an affiliation. The poll indicates that the Nordic countries are poised to become the EU’s social-democrat stronghold in the upcoming elections, deviating from the usual dominance of right-wing parties.

Overall, the upcoming elections in Sweden, Denmark, and Finland are expected to see a shift in political representation with social democrats emerging as the dominant force. Despite being known for their happiness, the voters in these countries are showing discontent with Green and Liberal politicians. The unprecedented survey conducted by Euronews provides insight into the political landscape of the Nordic countries and their potential impact on the European Parliament. With parties experiencing shifts in their MEP totals and new parties entering the scene, the upcoming elections are set to be a significant democratic exercise with implications for the EU as a whole.

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