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Nick Viall and Natalie Joy recently had the honeymoon of their dreams, after a previous vacation attempt was a “nightmare.” The couple, along with their 3-month-old baby girl River Rose and Natalie’s mom, enjoyed a family getaway in Dorado, Puerto Rico. Natalie shared on The Viall Files podcast that they had some time to themselves on the beach while her mom watched River, allowing them to relax and talk about their daughter.

During their honeymoon, the couple also had some alone time to enjoy their privacy. Nick mentioned that they had an outdoor shower with a bit of seclusion and took advantage of the opportunity to be intimate. They also shared several photos from their vacation, including images with River and family shots on the beach. Natalie playfully captioned one photo with her and Nick showing off their wedding rings with a request for followers to guess if they were on their honeymoon.

The couple’s honeymoon was a special and long-awaited trip for them, as their previous post-wedding vacation had not gone as planned. This time, they were able to relax and enjoy their time with River and Natalie’s mom while also having some romantic moments as a couple. It was a much-needed break for the new parents to reconnect and spend quality time together after the chaos of wedding planning and the early days of parenthood.

Nick and Natalie’s honeymoon included activities like lounging on the beach, having lunch, and talking about their daughter, River. They were able to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Dorado, Puerto Rico, and create lasting memories as a family. The couple’s bond was strengthened during the trip, with moments of relaxation and intimacy that helped them reconnect and focus on their relationship.

Throughout their honeymoon, Nick and Natalie shared their experiences and memories with their followers through social media. The couple posted photos of themselves enjoying the beach, spending time with River, and soaking in the sun. Their posts reflected their happiness and gratitude for the opportunity to finally have the honeymoon they had always dreamed of and to create lasting memories as a family.

Overall, Nick and Natalie’s honeymoon was a success and a much-needed break for them to relax and reconnect after their wedding and the birth of their daughter. They were able to enjoy quality family time in a beautiful location while also making time for themselves as a couple. The trip allowed them to create special memories and strengthen their bond, proving to be a perfect start to their new chapter as a family.

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