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World Bank: Lasting peace in Yemen is an imperative


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The United Nations envoy to Yemen, Hans Grundberg, confirmed that the efforts currently being made bring Yemen “as close as possible” to real progress towards a lasting peace, at a time when the World Bank stressed that peace in the country has become an “inevitable necessity”; To achieve comprehensive growth and improve the living conditions of the population.

And he believed that achieving this would lead to an increase in the gross domestic product by a third, amid his warning of the ambiguity surrounding the future of Yemen. As a result of the economic situation, which is characterized by a “high degree” of uncertainty.

Grundberg spoke about the possibility of reaching a permanent cease-fire in the foreseeable future, and said, “It is possible,” but it is not easy to achieve, as it requires the two parties to make concessions to reach a comprehensive agreement.

the UN envoy, who completed a visit to China and Japan; In a request for support, he indicated that there was a positive development on the political and military tracks, as a truce was concluded more than a year ago, the terms of which are still in place to a large extent today. He added, “The opportunity is now available, if the parties manage well, and everyone participates constructively, then the next step can be taken to seek an agreement that brings the parties together to achieve sustainable peace.”


For its part, the World Bank estimated, in the new economic note on Yemen, that if a permanent peace agreement is reached, this may be a sign of great “peace dividends”, represented by an increase of up to 6% on the path of GDP growth, which leads to This, in turn, will lead to a cumulative increase in real GDP by a third over the next five years, compared to current conditions.