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World Bank chief refuses to step down after being accused of questioning climate change


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World Bank President David Malpass announced today that he has no intention of stepping down, after being accused of skepticism about climate change, after he avoided answering questions centered on the role of emissions in causing global warming..

“I will not resign (…) and I have not thought” about it, Malpass said, in an interview with the news website Politico, when asked about the possibility of his resignation after criticism of his comments during a conference on climate finance..

He stressed that none of the member states of the World Bank had asked him to step down.

Climate activists had called, earlier, for Malpass’s dismissal, considering his approach to the climate crisis inappropriate, and criticism of him increased after his appearance at the conference organized by The New York Times this week..

Pressed to respond to former US Vice President Al Gore’s claim that he is skeptical of climate change, Malpass has repeatedly refused to say whether he believes human-caused emissions are warming the planet, replying, “I’m not a scientist.”

Under a wave of criticism, Malpass sought to clarify his position and reiterated it today.

“It is clear that greenhouse gas emissions are increasing and causing climate change, so the task for us and for the world is to find projects and financing that has an actual impact,” he said, in an interview with Politico.

He had also confirmed, the day before, in an interview with CNN, that emissions “come from anthropogenic sources, including fossil fuels, methane, agricultural uses and industrial uses.”

He continued, “I am not skeptical,” adding that he is not “always good at conveying” the meaning of what he means..

The president of the World Bank is usually an American, while the head of the International Monetary Fund is a European.

Malpass is a veteran of the Republican presidents in the United States, and was appointed in 2019 as president of the World Bank under former President Donald Trump, who has long denied the causes of climate change..