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“Working from the library” stimulates innovation and creativity for Dubai employees


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The Dubai Government Human Resources Department is keen to implement the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him, in making the Dubai government the happiest work environment in the world. It will promote positivity, motivation and inspiration.

To ensure continued employee satisfaction and raise the level of their happiness. The department said that the launch of the work from the library initiative, in cooperation with the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority “Dubai Culture” and Dubai Digital, aims to provide an opportunity for Dubai government employees to perform their job duties from public libraries in Dubai, and to provide greater flexibility For government agencies and employees, raising happiness indicators for employees and enhancing their production.

In addition to encouraging employees to visit public libraries, learn about their holdings, and benefit from the knowledge they provide, which is an important intellectual resource to enrich personal knowledge.

The Dubai Government Human Resources Department coordinated with government agencies in Dubai, and directed human resources departments in government agencies to encourage their employees to perform their job duties from Dubai public libraries, according to the laws and regulations in force and according to the nature of the work of each department.

The department also coordinated with Dubai Digital to facilitate the recording of attendance and departure for employees who work remotely from Dubai public libraries, and made it possible for them to prove their attendance and departure electronically, without the need to come to the workplace, on the day the employee wishes to perform his work from any branch of the libraries. Dubai public spread in various regions of Dubai.

Abdullah Ali bin Zayed Al Falasi, Director General of the Dubai Government Human Resources Department, affirmed that the department believes in the importance of empowering Dubai government employees, encouraging them to innovate and create, and creating conditions for them to adopt a flexible work approach that enables them to perform the tasks entrusted to them with confidence, ability and efficiency.

He said that the Dubai Government Human Resources Department is looking forward, through the work from the library initiative, to provide an opportunity for Dubai government employees to perform their job duties from suitable places to work closer to their place of residence, with the aim of changing work environments, which helps raise employee production and motivates them to give more at work.

Abdullah Al Falasi indicated that the initiative to work from the library also comes in line with the vision of the UAE government to adopt the idea of ​​managing transformation in work methodologies and the process of developing it to be available from anywhere, taking advantage of the advanced digital infrastructure that is ready for the future, because the wise leadership was keen to adopt solutions. Technology and accelerating digital transformation, moving to the smart government model, and a proactive government that anticipates challenges and changes to provide the best quality of life.

He explained that working remotely is one of the basic working methods to provide all options that aim to embody the UAE’s tendencies to preserve the sustainability of the environment and development, enhance flexibility and continue working in all circumstances, and increase production. promising opportunities.

The Director General of the Human Resources Department of the Government of Dubai added that the launch of the work from the library initiative contributes to encouraging employees to frequent public libraries and benefit from the knowledge they provide, and to spread the culture of knowledge and continuous learning using all available means.

The library is one of the most important landmarks that indicate the level of civilization and cultural progress of the peoples of the world, as it is a treasure of information that preserves the nation’s heritage and history, and public libraries contain huge amounts of information that anyone can view on their shelves.

Public libraries are a major and effective element for shaping the culture of society, as they provide individuals with opportunities to communicate and learn skills related to acquiring knowledge, searching for facts, reasoning, exchanging opinions, and providing opportunities for the individual for self-learning that transforms him into a creative individual who is familiar with all the issues of his society and his surroundings.

perform tasks

The Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture), through its eight public libraries spread across all regions of Dubai, provides the opportunity for Dubai government employees to perform their job duties through these important cultural portals that are equipped with all amenities, as well as technical and smart equipment that is efficient, easy and flexible.

Which allows employees to perform their work exactly as if they were at their workplaces, as public libraries open from Sunday to Thursday from eight in the morning until eight in the evening, and on Friday from eight in the morning until 12 noon, and on Saturday a holiday.

In this context, Hala Badri, Director General of the Culture and Arts Authority in Dubai, drew attention to the importance of the “National Reading Month” and the compatibility of its objectives with the vision of the country’s leadership aimed at consolidating a culture of science and knowledge, and stressed the need to establish a culture of reading in society, for its role in creating a generation of readers capable of Leading the development process in the country. She said, “Reading plays an important role in consolidating the foundations of Dubai’s creative economy, and contributes to finding new paths for development based on knowledge and innovation.”

She said: «The work from the library initiative constitutes a qualitative and distinct step that complements the series of projects and initiatives launched by Dubai Culture to dedicate the culture of reading and transform it into a way of life in society. Dubai government.

Badri indicated that the initiative carries in its details different dimensions and positive effects aimed at raising the level of production of employees, as it provides them with broad horizons that enable them to enhance their various capabilities and skills.

Libraries and their locations

Dubai Culture provides the Al-Safa Library for Art and Design, located on Al Wasl Street in Jumeirah. It is an integrated center for knowledge and culture and supports the national reading strategy and Dubai’s vision to enrich the cultural scene. It is an ideal platform for creativity, and includes among its shelves thousands of books, references and scientific materials specialized in the fields of art and design. As for the Umm Suqeim Library, which is located on Jumeirah Street, in the Umm Suqeim area.

Since its establishment in 1989, it has contributed to weaving the cultural fabric of the Emirate of Dubai, as it has worked to provide various scientific and cultural sources and references, thus giving all readers and science students the opportunity to benefit and participate in the development of cultural resources and research in Dubai.

There is also the Hor Al-Anz Library, which is located in Deira in the Hor Al-Anz region, and includes various topics from general knowledge, psychology, social sciences, pure and applied sciences, literature, history, and books for young people, in both Arabic and English, and some other languages ​​that serve visitors to Dubai and visitors to the library.

What distinguishes this library from other public libraries in Dubai is the provision of several facilities and services, including children’s libraries, free parking, multi-purpose halls for rent, and other services.

Al Mankhool Library is one of the eight most important Dubai public libraries affiliated with the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority.

In addition to the most important scientific references and local publications of local and international journals and newspapers, and an abundant number of scientific electronic programs. As for the Al Tawar Library, located on Al Tawar Street 1, it is one of the public libraries that is always keen to consolidate its vision that aims to spread culture among all Dubai residents of all ages. The library provides its visitors with various books, and it is also possible to benefit from Internet services and modern programming technology in it.

Dubai Culture also provides the Al Rashidiya Library, which is located in Deira, south of Dubai International Airport, near Al Rashidiya Park, and includes a wide range of books, newspapers and magazines in both Arabic and English.

As for the Al Ras Library, which is located in the Al Ras area in Deira, it has a great and important position. It was established by the late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum in 1963 to be a title of culture and a beacon of knowledge. The library contains about 100,000 books and 165 periodicals, along with many of e-books.

Likewise, in the city of Hatta, there is the Hatta Public Library, which is one of the public libraries affiliated with the Culture and Arts Authority in Dubai. The sources of knowledge in the library meet the needs of all groups, and contain types of knowledge.

Attendance and Departure

For its part, Dubai Digital provided the feature of registering attendance and leaving “work from the public library” within the smart employee application. 43 government agencies use the smart attendance service within the smart employee application, and about 42,000 Dubai government employees benefit from it.

Hamad Al-Mansoori: An initiative that takes advantage of the advanced infrastructure

Hamad Obaid Al Mansouri, Director General of Digital Dubai, praised the initiative to work from the library, which was the result of cooperation between the Department of Human Resources and the Culture and Arts Authority in Dubai, and said:

“This initiative is an embodiment of flexibility in applying work patterns that focus on production and takes advantage of the advanced digital infrastructure in Dubai. This structure constitutes a basic foundation for remote work and digital transformation projects in general. The symbolic importance of Dubai libraries is also highlighted in this initiative, as they are considered knowledge radiation centers that provide Its visitors have a wide openness to the horizons of knowledge and culture.

He added: «Dubai is characterized by having a holistic digital environment that is characterized by interdependence and flow, and allows verification and easy login to work sites remotely. We, in Digital Dubai, will not hesitate to provide support for all initiatives that contribute to enhancing the happiness of employees and customers alike, in line with the Dubai Future Model, which represents our common goal in all government and private departments, in line with the directives of our wise leadership.

In this context, I am pleased to commend the efforts of the Communications Regulatory Authority, the Digital Government and the telecom service providers in the country, E& Etisalat Group and the integrated telecom company du, and for their crucial role in providing a strong communications infrastructure that benefits all sectors.

The smart employee application provides many services, including approving notices, leave, attendance and leave permissions, digital certificates, and updating the employee’s personal file, as 67 government agencies benefit from it, and the application targets 72 thousand employees, and is used by 70 thousand employees, with a percentage of 97%, as the number of entry times to the application reached 64 million. Once.