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Union Coop reduces the prices of 10,000 commodities during Ramadan


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Union Coop announced the launch of its Ramadan campaign to reduce the prices of more than 10,000 basic food and consumer commodities during the holy month of Ramadan, with discounts of up to 75%, as part of its annual social and economic initiatives aimed at strengthening the markets of the Emirate of Dubai in particular and the UAE market in general, while ensuring the provision of Inventory and price stability, as it corresponds to the promotional campaigns and offers that Tawuniya launches throughout the year and is considered exceptional to reduce the burden on consumers during the blessed month.

This came during the annual conference organized by the Union Coop to announce its preparations for the holy month of Ramadan. Engineer Abdullah Muhammad Rafi Al-Dalal, Managing Director of the Union Coop, said that this year’s campaign is distinguished because it contains 7 promotional campaigns with discounts of up to 75%, pointing out that the cooperative will be keen to Providing the commodities included in the offers in large quantities, with high quality and competitive prices, as the promotional offers include basic food and consumer commodities, including rice, poultry, canned food, fruits, vegetables, special Ramadan products, and other products and commodities.

He stressed that the cooperative has enough stock for about 6 months, and that all discounts in Union Coop will not affect the quality, standards and specifications of the products and commodities included in the campaign, as the cooperative considers that one of its most important pillars is not to compromise quality in exchange for price or reduce prices, adding that all offers in the campaign will be provided The cooperative through its website and smart store, in addition to providing the delivery feature.