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UNCTAD: The UAE is the first in the Arab world in terms of readiness for pioneering technologies


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The UAE topped the Arab countries, while it ranked 37th globally on the Readiness Index for Leading Technologies, within the “Technology and Innovation Report 2023”, issued by the United Nations Trade and Development Organization (UNCTAD).

The UAE retained its Arab lead in the index, while it advanced 5 places in its global ranking, compared to its ranking in the previous edition of the index, and it was in 2021, when it ranked 42 in the world.

The UAE ranked globally in the sub-indices within the main index as follows: 29th in the “Information and Communication Technology” index, 32nd in the “Industry” index, 34th in the “Research and Development” index, 38th in the “Finance” index, and 50th in the “Finance” index. Skills index.

The United States maintained the top spot in the index since the previous edition in 2021, while Sweden advanced two places since the previous edition, to reach second place this year, and Singapore also advanced two places, to reach third place this year. Switzerland, the Netherlands, South Korea, Germany, Finland, Hong Kong, and Belgium ranked fourth to tenth, respectively.

Pioneering technologies mean the ultra-modern technical concepts and applications that the world has known during the past few years, the most important of which are artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, machine learning, big data, and others.