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“Ukrainian forces invaded Kursk.” A fake speech by Putin


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Today, several hacked Russian radio stations broadcast a false speech by Russian President Vladimir Putin stating an invasion of Ukraine and announcing the imposition of martial law in the border areas, according to the Russian authorities..

Several radio stations in the border regions broadcast the speech confirming that “heavily armed Ukrainian forces backed by Washington invaded the Kursk, Belgorod and Bryansk regions,” according to local authorities..

The voice giving the speech was very similar to Putin’s voice and tone.

And the message attributed to Putin, which was transmitted by some social networks, announced the imposition of martial law in these areas, and the signing of a presidential decree soon imposing general mobilization in Russia, calling on the local population to evacuate their areas..

The hacking took place against the backdrop of increased incursions and shelling for two weeks in the Belgorod region, where pro-Ukrainian Russian fighters are attacking Russian forces..

“It is really a piracy operation, we are aware of it,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Russian news agencies, stressing that the concerned radio stations had regained control of their broadcasts..

For its part, the Belgorod authorities stated that “the information about the invasion of Ukrainian forces in the Belgorod region, the imposition of martial law, general mobilization and evacuation is false information.”

The Crisis Cell, which was formed by the authorities through the Telegram application, confirmed that “the aim of this message is to spread panic among the peaceful population,” calling for maintaining calm and relying exclusively on reliable sources of information.

In the Voronezh border region, where some radio stations were hacked, the authorities assured residents that there was “no reason to worry.”

And she wrote on “Telegram”: “The situation in the region is under the control of the authorities and law enforcement forces.”

Radio “Mir”, one of the targeted radio stations, stated that it lost control of its frequency waves for about forty minutes in the afternoon, stressing that everything that was broadcast during this period was “totally false and provocative news.”

In February, several Russian radio and television networks were subjected to piracy, which led to the broadcasting of false alarms of air attacks.