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Two Iraqis were killed and a third injured in an attempt to smuggle drugs in Kuwait


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The General Administration of Security Relations and Media in the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior stated that within the efforts of the criminal security sector in pursuing drug smugglers, the sector, represented by the General Administration for Drug Control, in cooperation and coordination with the General Administration of the Coast Guard, managed to thwart an attempt to bring in about 80 kilograms of hashish and shabu hidden in A professional cruiser on the sea and one smuggler was arrested and two died after an exchange of fire with the Coast Guard men.

In the details..information was received to the General Administration for Narcotics Control that an attempt to smuggle a large amount of narcotics inside a boat by sea with the help of a person who owns a boat, and after verifying the accuracy of the information received and taking legal permission and in coordination with the General Department of the Coast Guard, the boat and the accused were seized. By searching the boat, narcotic substances were found inside, and by confronting him with the investigations, he admitted that they were true, and by moving to the delivery site within the territorial waters, and during the arrest of the accused, they opened fire on the coast guard boats, and they were dealt with in the same way and intercepted, and the death of two smugglers and the injury of the third accused. Of hashish and 1 kilo of shabu.. A case was registered in the case on charges of bringing narcotic substances with the intention of trafficking. The accused and the seized items were presented to the drug prosecution, the competent authority, in order to take the necessary legal measures.