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The World Bank: 4.7% expected growth for the UAE 2022


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The UAE has consolidated its position as one of the fastest economies in restoring pre-pandemic levels in the GCC region, and has set an example for countries in the world in overcoming Corona, thanks to a successful vaccination program and monetary and financial stimulus packages.

Essam Abu Suleiman, Regional Director of the Cooperation Countries at the World Bank, said that expectations indicate that the UAE economy will grow by 4.7 percent in 2022, with growth reaching 3.5 percent on average later.

He explained that “Expo 2020 Dubai” strengthened the momentum of recovery, to prove the UAE’s ability as a major player at the global level after it succeeded, not only in attracting visitors during the global event, but also in attracting more investments, and achieving economic results in various sectors, which included real estate, tourism, hospitality and services. logistics.

Issam Abu Sulaiman stressed that the UAE is one of the most mature countries in online public services in the Middle East and North Africa, according to the Government Digital Maturity Report “GovTech” issued by the World Bank 2021, pointing out that the UAE achieved the highest scores in 31 indicators out of a total of 48 Indicative, what qualified the country to become one of the best countries in the report.

He explained that the Emirates Digital website provides information on digital government strategies, including the Fourth Industrial Revolution Strategy, the Artificial Intelligence Strategy, and the National Innovation Strategy.

The Regional Director for the Cooperation Countries at the World Bank added that the UAE government uses the digital government maturity model, as a unified reference to assess its own digital maturity, and the UAE also publishes the performance of the participation of its citizens, and has a dedicated website, allowing the public to express their opinions easily, and to provide feedback transparently about Applicable policies and various issues related to development and development.

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