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The United States punishes both sides of the war in Sudan


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The United States has imposed economic sanctions and visa restrictions on Sudanese actors who perpetuate violence, amid fears of protracted conflict and widespread suffering in the country, with the failure of a cease-fire between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces.

The White House National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan, said in a statement yesterday that the sanctions aim to hold accountable those responsible for undermining peace, security and stability in Sudan. Sullivan held the warring parties responsible for the unjustified violence and defying the will of the Sudanese people.

Companies and personalities

For his part, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that his country had imposed sanctions on a technology company. For its role in supporting companies producing weapons and vehicles for the Sudanese army.

Sanctions were imposed on the Military Industrialization Corporation, which produces equipment and weapons for the army. Blinken added that his country imposed sanctions on a company used by the Rapid Support Forces to purchase equipment for its forces, in addition to another gold mining company affiliated with the Rapid Support Forces.

Blinken also confirmed the imposition of visa restrictions on personalities that include officials from the Sudanese army, “rapid support” and leaders from the former political regime. He said that the sanctions come in response to the violations by the parties to the conflict of the commitments they made during the “Jeddah negotiations,” adding that they are “ready to take additional measures, and we continue to work with the parties for humanitarian assistance and silencing the guns.”

Blinken described the cease-fire in Sudan as “fragile”, and stated that the two sides are violating it, and that what is happening is not in the interest of the Sudanese.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the US State Department said that his country and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are “ready to resume facilitating the suspended talks, to find a negotiated solution to the conflict, when the forces clearly show through their actions that they are serious about their commitment to the ceasefire,” adding that there are “serious violations.” cease-fire on both sides.

And he added, “The violations have prompted us, as facilitator of the talks, to seriously ask whether the parties are ready to take the necessary measures to fulfill the commitments they have undertaken on behalf of the Sudanese people.”

Violent clashes

On the ground, violent clashes were renewed between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces yesterday, south of Khartoum, where heavy artillery and powerful explosions were heard, which shook the southern neighborhoods of the Sudanese capital. Witnesses reported that many neighborhoods south of the capital witnessed shelling and violent clashes. This comes at a time when the suffering of the population is intensifying, with the continuation of the fighting, the lack of basic services, the lack of medicine, and the out of service hospitals.

Residents told “Agence France Presse” that “heavy artillery from army camps in northern Omdurman carried out shelling in the direction of Khartoum North,” while others confirmed that “the large Rapid Support Forces camp in Al-Salha, south of Khartoum, was subjected to heavy artillery shelling.”

In turn, the Sudan Doctors Syndicate announced that 17 people were killed and 106 injured, as a result of the bombing in the Mayo region (south). The Syndicate appealed to all doctors and medical personnel present near the hospital, to extend a helping hand as much as possible to their colleagues stationed at “Bashaer” Hospital. due to a shortage of medical personnel.