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The UAE is the first regionally and the tenth globally in terms of efficiency


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The UAE ranked first in the countries of the Middle East and North Africa, and ranked tenth in the world, in the Country Efficiency Index 2023, issued by the British company Wark.

The “Country Efficiency” index monitors the level of efficiency of countries in promoting themselves, through advertising campaigns for the various activities practiced by these countries, whether tourism, trade, etc., and the extent of the success of these campaigns in achieving their goals.

The index is issued annually, as part of a group of indicators for monitoring efficiency issued by the Warak company, including the indicators of “the most efficient advertising campaigns”, “the most efficient advertising agencies”, “the most efficient holding companies”, “the most efficient brands”, and others, all of which are based on questionnaires. It is conducted for groups of experts who specialize in the specific field of each indicator.

The UAE’s balance on the index reached 318.1 points, and the UAE surpassed all European countries, except for the United Kingdom and France, and the country also surpassed Japan and South Korea.

The United States of America topped the index with a score of 1798.7 points, while China ranked third with a score of 1114.2 points, and India ranked third with a score of 624.3 points.

The United Kingdom, Colombia, Brazil, Canada, Australia, and France ranked fourth to tenth, respectively.