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The UAE consolidates its leadership in global competitiveness


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During the current year, the UAE consolidated its progress on many indicators of global competitiveness in various sectors, and strengthened its efforts and plans to take the lead globally in many sectors and development indicators.

The country started the year 2022 by occupying the runner-up globally in the levels of people’s trust in their governments, according to the “Edelman” confidence index, issued on January 18, achieving 87% this year, an increase of 7% compared to last year’s release.

Last February, the UAE celebrated its global leadership in the Global Entrepreneurship Index 2022, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor report, advancing from fourth place in the world in last year’s report, and obtaining the highest rate on the overall ranking of the index by 6.8 degrees.

And it ranked first in the world in the surveys of entrepreneurs in the country that were carried out by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, as it is the best entity in the world to establish and start businesses. On June 15, the UAE topped the region in the Global Competitiveness Yearbook 2022 report, for the sixth year, and maintained the first place regionally in the general ranking, and the 12th place in the world.

The UAE ranked first in the world in 19 indicators, while it ranked among the top five in the world in 65 indicators, and among the top ten in the world in 102 indicators out of a total of 334 indicators in the report.

For the fourth year, the UAE retained its ranking as the best country in economic transformation, issued by US News and World Report on September 27, and for the fourth year, the UAE received the full mark in its balance on this sub-index, with a score of 100%.

For the fourth year, the UAE also maintained its lead in the Middle East and North Africa, and advanced a degree in its global ranking, as it ranked 21st globally in the general index of the best countries in the world.

The UAE topped the world in the performance of country brands, according to the results of the “Brand Finance Nations Brands 2022” report, issued on September 29, and recorded exceptional performance in the performance of country brands this year.

On October 5, the UAE won the first place in the world in the human-centered public services index issued by Oxford Insights.

On November 30, the UAE ranked second in the world in terms of citizens’ pride in their country, according to the results of the “US News and World Report” survey.