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The President of the State issues a decree by federal law to change the name of “Ministry of Presidential Affairs” to “Presidency Office”


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His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, “may God protect him,” issued a federal legal decree to change the name “Ministry of Presidential Affairs” to the name “Presidential Court”.

The decree stipulated .. amending some provisions of Federal Decree-Law No. 4 of 2004 regarding the establishment and organization of the Ministry of Presidential Affairs, and replacing the phrase “presidential affairs” with the phrase “presidential office” wherever it appears, provided that the responsibilities, tasks and roles remain as they are as stated in the decree. by the aforementioned Federal Law.

It also stipulated that the phrase “Minister of Presidential Affairs” be replaced by “Minister of the Presidential Office”, and that the word “Ministry” be replaced by the word “Diwan”.