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The launch of the digital “pensions” platform at the end of July


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The General Pension and Social Security Authority said that it is implementing a digital project under the name “Digital Pensions Platform”, which will be launched at the end of next July, noting that the new platform, which comes within the digital transformation projects, will have an important role in serving the various segments of society, whether they are Business owners, subscribers, retirees or beneficiaries.

This was announced by Hind Al-Suwaidi, Acting Executive Director of the Pensions Sector and Director of the Insurance Benefits Department at the General Pension and Social Security Authority, yesterday, during the fifteenth periodic symposium of the civil retirement and social insurance agencies in the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, which it is organizing in the capital, Abu Dhabi, and will continue for two days.

She added: The new platform will enable its clients to access a variety of services provided by the authority to manage their operations and view statements related to their monthly contributions or pensions, submit and follow up on their requests, and complete their services in a self-management manner, which gives them a kind of privacy and the necessary flexibility in accomplishing These services from anywhere in the world, seven days a week.

Al-Suwaidi confirmed the authority’s keenness to work continuously to develop its smart electronic services system, which provides an ideal experience for the delivery of services with ease and ease, and contributes to raising the efficiency and quality of the authority’s operational performance and facilitating the procedures for the delivery of services. Recommendations

On the first day of the symposium, the participants recommended that the fund’s management should issue a “fund maturity report”, which would help it compare the fund’s maturity with best practices, and assist the fund’s management in assessing the fund’s investment position in a more feasible manner, noticing deviations from relevant indicators and taking the necessary corrective measures. .

Participants stressed the importance of identifying investment risks according to a reference indicator based on the best practices in pension funds in the GCC countries, as this will pave the way for determining the degree of risk acceptance according to the specified reference, and this will lead to a better distribution of assets and drawing up a successful and effective investment strategy.

The participants recommended conducting a comprehensive assessment of the Fund’s risks every three years, and the assessment is carried out by an independent third party, after which the results and recommendations are presented to the Risk Committee and the Board of Directors.

Participants called on pension funds in the GCC countries to study the possibility of adding sub-committees of the Board of Directors dedicated to managing and monitoring risks, as this would enable them to monitor and follow up risks and provide appropriate solutions to the Board of Directors.


The opening session began with a speech delivered by Firas Abdul Karim Al-Ramahi, Director General of the General Pension and Social Security Authority, in which he indicated that the symposium comes within the framework of joint cooperation between the pension and social insurance agencies in the GCC countries to discuss all issues related to retirement and insurance affairs by focusing on investment tools and their role. In enhancing the financial solvency and sustainability of pension funds to serve the social and economic development in the GCC countries.


Al-Ramahi said that the success of the investment sectors in pension devices in the Gulf countries in their long journey in the past years has created distinct experiences, and these experiences were not devoid of challenges, which requires more joint cooperation to exchange experiences and expertise, and discuss challenges at the level of investment work for pension funds in order to Accelerate the pace of its business and improve its level of performance in order to achieve an increase in its investment returns and strategic visions.


Abdullah Al-Ghafli, investment manager at the General Pension Authority in the UAE, spoke about the approach to managing assets and receivables, where he said that the distribution of assets is an investment strategy that aims to achieve a balance between risks and returns by dividing the assets of the investment portfolio according to the objectives of the institution and its ability to bear future risks, indicating that diversification in Investment operations reduce risks and determine the expected return from investment operations, and talk about the difference between investment methodologies and the factors influencing their selection, according to systematic experiments adopted by pension funds in the GCC countries.