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The Dubai market jumped 1.37%, the highest level since May 2022


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The Dubai Financial Market index jumped by 1.37%, recording a level of 3,652.64 points, which is the highest level since the session of May 6, 2022. The market achieved gains at the end of yesterday’s session, and its market capitalization gained about 11 billion dirhams.

The market capital of listed Dubai shares rose from 626.05 billion dirhams at the end of yesterday’s session to 636.97 billion dirhams at the end of yesterday’s session.

The shares of “Teaching Holding” and “Dewa” led the gains of 26 companies in the Dubai market, rising by 7.8% and 6.4%, respectively, while the “Dewa” share acquired liquidity of approximately 314.5 million dirhams, or 42.8% of the total market liquidity amounting to 735.25. million dirhams.

The two markets recorded a total of 27.5 thousand transactions involving 478.8 million shares. The total number of traded shares was distributed by 315.14 million shares in the Dubai market and 163.7 million shares in the Abu Dhabi market.

The total liquidity attracted by shares in the two markets amounted to 1.64 billion dirhams at the end of yesterday’s session, distributed between 904.3 million dirhams in the Abu Dhabi market and 735.25 million dirhams in the Dubai market.

Dubai market

The Dubai Financial Market witnessed a number of leading stocks maintaining their activity in leading the market, led by Emirates NBD, which rose by 0.7%, Empower by 4.5%, and Dar Al Takaful by 7.5%.

A large deal took place directly on the shares of «Taleem Holding», with about 5.25 million shares, at a price of 3.27 dirhams per share, with a total value of about 17.17 million dirhams.

Abu Dhabi market

The FTSE Abu Dhabi General Market Index (Fadji) closed yesterday at 9375.76 points, down by 0.32%.

“Al Alamiah Holding” topped the activity in the Abu Dhabi market, with its acquisition of the largest share of total trading by 247.7 million dirhams, followed by “Alpha Abu Dhabi Holding” attracting 99.3 million dirhams, then “ADNOC Supply” with a liquidity of 55.8 million dirhams.

In the Abu Dhabi market, shares of Easy Lace rose 9.4%, Ras Al Khaimah Poultry 3.4%, ADC Corporation 3.2%, Gulf Cement 2.2%, and Burjeel Holding 1.8%.