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Terrorism and corruption haunt the “Brotherhood of Tunisia”


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The Brotherhood’s Ennahda movement is facing an escalating crisis in its relationship with the state and society in Tunisia, as it is being accused of involvement in terrorism and corruption, as two sides of the Brotherhood conspiracy coin that the country has witnessed in the past ten years. Observers point out that the Tunisian Brotherhood is experiencing the pressures of the struggle for survival after losing power, facing security and judicial prosecutions, and the risk of opening all their crimes files, whether related to political assassinations, terrorist practices, financial and administrative corruption and dependence abroad.

The Free Constitutional Party called for classifying the Ennahda movement as a terrorist organization, pointing out that Interior Minister Tawfiq Sharaf El-Din’s recognition of the relationship of Ennahda Vice President Noureddine El-Behairy to terrorism holds the government of Najla Boden responsible for taking urgent decisions to dismantle the Brotherhood’s octopus linked to terrorism and seeking to overthrow the state.

The party explained that this recognition holds the Minister of Interior responsible for taking measures to freeze funds destined for the Brotherhood, dry up its sources of funding, and immediately refer the files to the National Anti-Terrorism Committee to classify the movement in the category of organizations that support terrorism and hold its founders and accomplices accountable, noting that frankness with the people is about the relationship of the most prominent leaders of the Brotherhood with terrorism. And Muslim Brotherhood money laundering across the world, without taking any measures, affects the credibility of the state apparatus and turns it into a reluctance to confront the dangers that threaten the security of Tunisians, and shakes confidence in the extent of the political will to open national security files and cut off political and financial corruption and the arms of sabotaging the homeland.

Informed sources indicate that the Ennahda movement is trying to evade the predicament it is experiencing by instigating the corrective measures taken by President Kais Saied, and is trying to sow discord in society by promoting a discourse of chaos that no longer finds any resonance among Tunisians.

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In addition, the Secretary-General of the People’s Movement, Zuhair Maghzaoui, considered that the Ennahda movement is going through its worst period, in light of the opening of corruption files and the judiciary accusing some of its symbols and leaders, which created a state of great panic for the movement and its network of interests that was formed over ten years. Al-Maghzawi added: “The battle is not easy because the people who ruled the country and ruled the state for ten years, find themselves today in the process of getting out of this state and dismantling their network of interests, and it is natural that the reaction that we see today is.”

Analysts believe that a bleak fate awaits the Tunisian brothers if the law is applied and they are held accountable for their crimes against the state and society, especially in light of the evidence that confirms the involvement of leaders from the Ennahda movement in the file of the secret organization, in communication with abroad, involvement in terrorism, looting and wasting public money and the relationship with corruption networks. .