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Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque completes its preparations to receive the month of Ramadan


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The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center has completed its preparations to revive the days and nights of the holy month with the aim of providing an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility for its visitors, who flock to the mosque annually in increasing numbers during the blessed month of Ramadan, as it is expected that the month of Ramadan will witness a great turnout, as a result of the state of recovery and overcoming the Corona pandemic, to exceed The number of visitors to the mosque during the holy month is what was recorded during the previous years, as the number of visitors to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque during the month of Ramadan in 2019 reached about 1,436,273 worshipers and visitors.

Continuous efforts around the clock

The center formed committees and work teams from the center’s employees. To ensure work in an organized and integrated manner around the clock, and to meet all the needs of the mosque’s guests of worshipers and visitors of different categories; By providing various services and facilities; In this regard, the center held a number of meetings with government and private agencies and institutions from the strategic partners, with whom it has been cooperating annually, and which contributes with its effective and integrated giving to the success of the work system during the holy month.

Providing more than 38 electric cars to transport worshipers and various services that meet the needs of society groups

In order to ensure the comfort of the worshipers and visitors of the mosque, the center was keen to provide more than 38 electric cars to serve the worshipers, starting from the parking lots to the prayer halls. For worshipers, of which 1,500 parking spaces have been allocated for women on the northern side, taking into account their proximity to the prayer halls designated for them. The center also provided the needs of people of determination, for whom parking lots were allocated near the entrances with more than 60 spaces, in addition to providing more than 50 wheelchairs, and water coolers, which it distributed throughout the mosque.

In order to ensure the flow of traffic for worshipers and visitors to the mosque and ensure their safety, despite their high numbers, the concerned teams have completed road planning works in the mosque, which show paths for pedestrians and cyclists, so that it facilitates the passage of mosque visitors and the safe parking of their vehicles to ensure their safety.

The center raised its readiness to deal with emergency health cases in the mosque, by providing medically equipped ambulances at the highest levels, in cooperation with the Ambulance Department of the Emergency and Public Safety Directorate in the Central Operations Sector, and in the presence of the Civil Defense team.

During the holy month, a number of volunteers from the center, the Emirates Red Crescent Authority, and the (Absher Ya Watan) volunteer team will work to serve the worshipers, and their number is 105 volunteers from the national cadres, working side by side with 79 employees of the center.

Ramadan cannon .. an authentic Emirati heritage

And within the framework of reviving the cultural heritage that the ancestors instilled in the memory of the Emirati society, the center cooperated with the leadership of the support units in the armed forces, to launch the cannon announcing the beginning of the blessed month of Ramadan – in coordination with the Ramadan Crescent Investigation Committee – and firing the cannon daily from the grounds of the mosque, throughout the holy month Marking the date of Iftar, and announcing the advent of Eid Al-Fitr, to express one of the traditions that the people of the Emirates and residents of the country are accustomed to, whereby different cultures have the opportunity to watch the cannon up close, in addition to transmitting this event daily through a live broadcast on Abu Dhabi Channel.

Innovative initiatives that bring together different cultures

And as an embodiment of its mission in which the religious role of the mosque is integrated with its civilizational and cultural role, the center has developed a package of plans that include a set of initiatives and programs that it will launch during the holy month to spread its civilized message that it directs to various cultures through the tolerance of the Islamic religion and the nobility of its values ​​and principles, which are clearly evident with the notes The month of goodness in the mosque, which allows different cultures to experience the atmosphere of the holy month and its faith notes in the mosque, in a scene that expresses moderation, moderation, and civilized communication within the framework of tolerance.

Providing a comfortable environment for worshipers

The center completed the process of washing and sterilizing the carpet of the main hall, and re-installing it, employing techniques that fit its size and ensure the preservation of its quality. It also completed the process of cleaning the domes, to provide a suitable and comfortable environment for worshipers that guarantees their comfort and safety during the performance of rituals. During the month, the worshipers and visitors completed the necessary maintenance work for the external ablution areas on the northern and southern sides of the mosque, and the 28 seats for the external corridors. Seasonal flowers and fountain maintenance, to add to its atmosphere more feelings of peace and comfort.

The mosque receives its guests, worshipers and visitors, with special service and field preparations, in which it relied on its well-studied strategic plan, by forming an integrated beehive of committees and work teams from the center’s employees to work around the clock in various technical, artistic, logistical, media, and field fields, in an organized and integrated manner. Ensuring the achievement of the center’s goals by providing services that meet the highest standards for its visitors throughout the holy month.