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Reviewing the UAE’s experience in expanding the scope of “Covid 19” examinations


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The experts participating in the American Society of Clinical Chemistry Middle East 2022 conference, which was launched at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Dubai yesterday, praised the international standards applied in the laboratories of the UAE in the public and private sectors alike, in addition to the use of the latest scientific findings in the fields of robotic devices. and modern laboratory techniques, in addition to attracting the best technical and medical personnel.

The participants in the two-day conference, under the supervision and organization of Live Diagnostics laboratories, valued the great efforts implemented by government health institutions at the federal and local levels related to expanding the scope of laboratory tests to detect infection with the “Covid 19” virus since the beginning of the pandemic and for about 3 consecutive years, noting That this step contributed to the UAE achieving global records in the field of combating the “Covid 19” pandemic.

They pointed out that the state dealt professionally with the requirements of laboratories in the private sector to be a partner in confronting the crisis, as it granted it facilities in attracting qualified cadres, modern equipment and raw materials used to confront the pandemic, in addition to training, qualification and partnership with the government sector.

Hossam Fouad, founder and CEO of Live Diagnostics Laboratories, the “strategic partner of the conference”, said that the thought of holding this conference after the “Covid 19” pandemic came to achieve the maximum benefit for doctors, technicians and specialists in the UAE, Arab countries and the Middle East in general through the American Society of Clinical Chemistry, Especially that the rapid and successive developments witnessed by laboratory medicine require us to inform them of the latest global trends and modern scientific studies related to laboratories and clinical chemistry.

The conference includes a group of experts and specialists in laboratory sciences from around the world from the United States of America, as well as experts in the region. The first day recorded the attendance of 950 specialists in laboratory sciences from the UAE and the Gulf countries to learn about global developments, whether through scientific research or modern technologies used.

He added that the conference covers many topics through 22 scientific lectures and 8 workshops, in addition to 18 companies exhibiting the latest laboratory technologies.

For her part, Dr. Rania Badir, Executive Medical Director of Live Diagnostics and a member of the scientific committee of the conference, stressed the importance of laboratory medicine, as doctors’ decisions depend more than 80% on laboratory results, which increases the necessity of permanent upgrading laboratories, as the lack of knowledge of doctors Laboratories with all modern methods of examination and diagnosis methods may lead to negative results that are reflected on the patient, doctor and laboratories.