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“Resettlement”: exceptional cases in which additional working hours may be increased to two hours


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The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation stated that there are exceptional cases in which establishments can increase additional hours to more than two hours per day if the work is necessary to prevent the occurrence of a serious loss or serious accident or to remove or mitigate its effects, and the total working hours must not exceed 144 hours every 3 weeks. Noting that in the normal situation, the establishment is allowed to employ its workers for a maximum of two additional hours per day.

specific controls

The Ministry indicated in an indicative circular that the law regulating labor relations specified the employer’s daily or weekly working hours and their controls for the break period, so that normal working hours do not exceed 8 hours per day and 48 hours per week, and the transition periods to and from the workplace are not included in working hours except for some. Cases and within the controls specified in the executive regulations.

Such as the period spent by the worker in the means of transportation in the event of bad weather and responding to the warnings of the National Meteorological Center regarding weather changes and fluctuations, and the time spent by the worker in the means of transportation provided by the employer in the event of a traffic accident or emergency breakdown, or in the event that the parties agreed in the contract expressly to that.

The law also stipulates that working hours must be specified in the contract for work patterns other than the full-time system, and the Labor Law stipulates that working hours must not exceed 5 consecutive hours without a break of no less than an hour.

The Ministry affirmed that the Labor Law and its executive regulations stipulated a package of regulatory controls, including the necessity of setting regulations that do not contradict the provisions and rules stipulated in the Decree-Law and legal regulations, and that these regulations include penalties that may be imposed on violating workers, and the conditions and controls for their signature.