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“Red” threatening letters to Ukrainian embassies


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Three Ukrainian diplomatic missions received threatening letters dipped in red liquid, a day after a parcel bomb exploded at the country’s embassy in Spain, the Interfax-Ukrainian news agency quoted a senior official yesterday.

The agency said that Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba described these incidents as an attempt to intimidate Ukrainian diplomats.

It quoted him as saying on national television: “If they have already started attacking embassies, then this means that they are afraid of us and are trying to stop us.”

“Inside these letters was a symbolic threat to Ukraine. All envelopes were dipped in red liquid at the time they were received,” he said, declining to give further details..

A package intended for the Ukrainian ambassador to Spain exploded at the embassy in Madrid the day before yesterday while a security official was checking it, causing him minor injuries..

Ukraine’s ambassador to Spain, Serhiy Bohurltsev, appeared to point an accusing finger at Russia.

Spain has sent, or committed to send, military and humanitarian equipment to support Ukraine in the war.