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Assumed anti-Trumpist, Republican Liz Cheney banned by her family


No mention of his party on his election signs. Wyoming Republicans repudiated her because of her hostility to Donald Trump. Her first name does not even appear on the posters, only her last name: Cheney, as if to remind the inhabitants of the “Cowboy State” of which line she is the heiress. Her father, Dick Cheney, was their representative for ten years. After the attacks of 2001, he was one of the architects of the “war on terrorism”. Former vice-president of George W. Bush, respected personality of the Republican Party, Dick Cheney is not very suspicious of centrist complacency.

It is to this authority figure that Liz Cheney appealed, a few days before the Republican primaries on August 16, to try to save her seat in the House of Representatives. A chair seriously threatened by the vengeance of the Trumpists, who do not forgive him for having voted in favor of the dismissal of Donald Trump, in February 2021. At 81, the father agreed to shoot a commercial for his daughter. Just watch it to understand that the Cheneys have no illusions about the chances of the outgoing winner on November 8.

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In this state that Donald Trump won in 2020 with nearly 70% of the vote, Dick Cheney is not afraid to take the electorate the wrong way. Trump, he asserts, is a ” cowardly “ ; he pretends to believe that the election was for him “volley”, when he knows, “like most Republicans in their heart of hearts”that he lost the 2020 ballot. “A man worthy of the name would not lie to his supporters”, tickles Cheney.

“Things above politics”

Nor does his father, Liz Cheney, 56, do diplomacy. She rarely raises her voice, but basically, there is nothing more direct. Within the commission of inquiry into the assault on the Capitol, of which she is the vice-president, the clarity of her presentation made her the public figure of the investigation. From the start, she accused Donald Trump of having “lit the wick” events that have shaken American democracy.

Since then, she has reminded her on every occasion: Trump has “betrayed” the Constitution. And when a Fox News host asks her about the other investigation, the one the press “don’t care”, namely the responsibility of Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and the Capitol police, she reframes the priorities: no question of blaming law enforcement for failing to oppose “to the armed pack sent by Donald Trump to the Capitol”.

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