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Zelensky appreciates the efforts of Mohammed bin Salman


Washington praises Riyadh’s mediation… and the number of released prisoners is 270

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, during a phone call yesterday (Thursday) with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, reiterated the Kingdom’s keenness and support for all international efforts to resolve the Russian-Ukrainian crisis politically, and to continue its efforts to contribute to alleviating the humanitarian effects resulting from it, stressing his country’s readiness. To make efforts to mediate between all parties.

In turn, the Ukrainian president valued the efforts made by the Saudi crown prince in the prisoner exchange process, appreciating his acceptance of the role of mediator, and noting the pivotal role of Saudi Arabia in the Middle East and the world.

A Saudi mediation carried out by the Crown Prince succeeded in securing the release of 10 prisoners of different nationalities, as part of a prisoner exchange between Moscow and Kiev. Britain and Sweden thanked Saudi Arabia and Ukraine for their efforts to release their citizens from among the prisoners.

The White House later thanked the Ukrainian president and the Saudi crown prince for the prisoner exchange deal.

For his part, Prince Khalid bin Salman, Deputy Minister of Defense of Saudi Arabia, said that the success of the Crown Prince’s mediation in releasing ten prisoners as part of a prisoner exchange process confirms his keenness to adopt humanitarian initiatives, support all international efforts to resolve the crisis politically, and contribute to alleviating the humanitarian impact. resulting from it.

In total, Kyiv announced on Wednesday evening that it had released 55 prisoners of war in exchange for Russia’s release of 215 prisoners, in the largest exchange deal since the conflict began, and it included, in particular, ten foreigners.


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