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Xi is in Moscow “for peace”… and Putin welcomes


Additional Western aid to Ukraine … and the “London Conference” to support the investigation of the “International Criminal Court”

Yesterday, Chinese President Xi Jinping started a three-day state visit to Russia aimed at advancing the Chinese initiative for peace in Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin welcomed his guest to the Kremlin, where they held an informal meeting, pending formal talks today. The Russian president expressed his openness to the Chinese initiative, as he said at the beginning of the meeting: “We are always open to a negotiation process. We will undoubtedly discuss all these issues, including your initiatives, which we treat with respect.” In turn, Xi hailed the “close relations” between Beijing and Moscow within the framework of “comprehensive strategic cooperation”.

Xi anticipated his visit by publishing an article in a Russian newspaper, in which he affirmed that his visit is a “visit of friendship, cooperation and peace,” adding that Beijing’s initiative for peace in Ukraine “reflects world views.”

Yesterday, the United States, as well as the European Union, announced new military aid to Ukraine, including ammunition.

These developments coincided with an international conference held in London yesterday to discuss financing the International Criminal Court’s investigation into Ukraine, days after the court issued an arrest warrant against Putin on the grounds of illegally deporting Ukrainian children.
Xi is in Moscow… and Putin welcomes the Chinese peace initiative