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The brilliant Gundogan leads City to the Confederation Cup … and brings him closer to the dream of the “treble”

German international Ilkay Gundogan led his team, Manchester City, to achieve the FA Cup title for the seventh time in its history, by defeating its neighbor and traditional rival Manchester United 2-1 in the final of the tournament that was held at Wembley Stadium in the British capital, London.

Gundogan scored two goals, the first came only 13 seconds after the start of the match, and the second came in the 51st minute, while Bruno Fernandez scored United’s only goal from a penalty kick in the 33rd minute.

Winning the title came to give the team a huge morale boost before facing Inter Milan on the tenth of this month in the Champions League final at Ataturk Stadium in Istanbul, Turkey.

And by winning the cup title, City achieved its second title this season after the league title, becoming only one title away from achieving the historic treble that the team dreams of this season.

City achieved the seventh title in its history in the championship, as it equaled Aston Villa, which is 7 titles away from Arsenal, who holds the record for the number of times crowned the championship (14 times), followed by Manchester United with 12 championships.

And after only 14 seconds had passed, Manchester City succeeded in scoring the lead goal through Ilkay Gundogan, who received a pass from Kevin De Bruyne outside the penalty area, to hit a powerful ball that hit the net of Spanish goalkeeper David De Gea.

After the goal, City continued its pressure, trying to score a second goal, while confusion appeared evident on Manchester United, especially in the defense line, which tried to contain the matter and not make mistakes that lead to other goals.

And in the 17th minute, the first serious attempt since scoring the first goal came, as Erling Haaland, City striker, directed a header towards De Gea’s goal, but the Spanish goalkeeper was on the lookout. De Bruyne hit a creeping ball, but it hit the right post of De Gea’s goal in the 28th minute.

With the passage of time, Manchester United succeeded in arranging its ranks, and attacked City with the aim of scoring the equalizer, which he succeeded in in the 33rd minute from a penalty kick that Bruno Fernandez successfully executed, after the referee resorted to the video assistive technology (VAR) to count it after a handball on Jack Grealish. City player.

With the start of the second half, City regained control of the course of things, and attacked its opponent, trying to add another goal.

In the 51st minute, Gundogan scored the second goal for Manchester City, taking advantage of a perfect cross from his teammate Kevin De Bruyne, to shoot it from the position flying into De Gea’s net, scoring the goal of progress again, after he had previously opened the scoring early in the match.

After scoring the second goal, City became the most dominant and dominant in the course of the match again, and Manchester United did not appear well after conceding a second goal, as it launched only a few attacks on Ortega’s goal. The Dutchman, Erik Tan Hag, coach of United, replaced the young Argentine player, Alejandro Garanacho, in place of Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen in the 62nd minute.

The referee canceled a goal scored by Gundogan in the 77th minute, on the pretext of infiltrating the German player, after resorting to the mouse.

Garanacho tried a lot to pose a great threat to the Manchester City goal, but he did not receive sufficient support from the Manchester United attack and midfield, while City tightened his grip on the midfield and denied his opponent the ball on more than one occasion.

The remaining minutes of the second half did not witness anything new, so the referee blew the final whistle and the match ended with Manchester City winning.