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Two public offices and 3 judges in connection with the explosion in Bandar Beirut, a suspect was arrested


There is a legal source in Lebanon, Amrouz (on the side) according to Reuters, a journalist, Tariq al-Bitar, an investigative judge in the Bandar Beirut explosion, a public institution in Lebanon, and a judge who is responsible for the connection to the Angzi bombing in 2020, a Kurdish suspect.

This is the source of the judge, who is the judge of Al-Bitar, who has developed a series of investigations with evidence of political resistance on the surface of the ball, which has been stopped.

Judge Ghassan Oweidat, a public institution, in connection with the explosion of 220 criminal charges, accused of being accused. This is a source, but accusations are not diagnosed.

More than a dozen, local officials in the morning, who were summoned to court, that is, by the name of the al-Bitar, in a criminal case in Bandar Beirut, with a public order to review the case for individuals, including Hassan Diab Nakhst, former minister, Nihad al-Makhnouk, former minister, General Jean Kohoji, Sri Lankan Kamil Sarkar, Zaher Abbas Ibrahim, Sirteeb Asaad Tufaili, Gracia Al-Azzi and Sirtebez Al Ezzedine. In addition, there is a large number of people whose identity is undiagnosed.