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The Saudi Super… Al-Ittihad collective in the face of the Al-Faihawi barricades


The Saudi Super… Al-Ittihad collective in the face of the Al-Faihawi barricades

They clash in the final of the tournament in its new form at Al-Durra Stadium in Riyadh

Sunday – 7 Rajab 1444 AH – January 29, 2023 AD Issue No [

The Saudi Super Cup in its new format awaits its first champions today (Asharq Al-Awsat)

Riyadh: Fahad Al-Essa

Al-Ittihad and Al-Fayhaa are seeking to win a new title in their careers, when they meet this evening, in the final of the Saudi Super Cup, with its new system, in the manner of the Spanish Super.
The Saudi sports fans will be on a date with an upcoming public summit at King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh, especially as the two teams are looking for the title embrace for the first time in their history, in addition to achieving the title for the first time for the championship that was held in a new way and with the participation of 4 teams instead of two.
The honorary record of the tournament holds each of Al-Hilal alone with the number of titles achieved (3 titles), then its traditional rival, Al-Nasr, who has two titles, while Al-Shabab and Al-Ahly, as well as Al-Fateh, have one title for each.
And the Saudi Super Cup championship was launched in the summer of 2013, as it brought together the league champion, the Al-Fateh team at the time, and the King’s Cup champion, the Al-Ittihad team, and the Al-Fateh team won the title.
And the tournament appeared with a new identity for this version, as it brought together 4 teams, just as the Spanish Super Cup looks like, where Al-Fayhaa participated as the King’s Cup holders and Al-Hilal as the league champion, and Al-Ittihad participated as the league’s runner-up, while Al-Nasr participated for its third ranking in the league After repeating Al-Hilal, who finished runner-up to the King’s Cup champion.
The conflict between the two parties, Al-Ittihad and Al-Fayhaa, is renewed, days after their confrontation in the Roshen Saudi Professional League, which Al-Ittihad won 3-0, bearing the signature of Coronado, Abdul Razzaq Hamdallah and Haroun Kamara.
Al-Ittihad succeeded in reaching the final of the tournament, after its great victory against Al-Nasr, by 3-1. It was scored by Al-Asfar Al-Ittihadi Romarinho, Abdul-Razzaq Hamdallah and Muhannad Al-Shanqeeti, at a time when Al-Fayhaa surpassed his counterpart Al-Hilal with a single goal without a response, scored by the Brazilian player Paulinho and renewed with him his superiority against Al-Hilal in the direct confrontations that brought them together recently.
Al-Ittihad enters the meeting with its eye on the title and a return to the tournament platforms that the team missed in its recent years, as the team, which participates in this tournament as runner-up to Al-Hilal, the league champion in the previous edition, is fighting to embrace the Super Cup title for the first time in its history in its third participation in the tournament, after two participations. The team did not succeed in them.
As for Al-Fayhaa, who won the King’s Cup title last season, it is looking forward to continuing to reap unprecedented achievements when it meets Al-Ittihad this evening, looking to embrace the title for the first time in its history, and through its first participation in the tournament.
Al-Ittihad has a technical advantage on paper and before the start of the match, given the technical differences that are in favor of the Portuguese battalion, Nuno Santo, Al-Ittihad coach, who lives with the team for perfect days after fluctuations in levels in recent matches, before a perfect return at this time to appear in a distinctive way.
As for Al-Fayhaa, who lives in technical stability under the leadership of his Serbian coach Vuk Razovic, he seeks to continue the technical awakening that the team has shown since the return of competitions after a long hiatus from the Saudi national team’s participation in the 2022 World Cup.
Al-Ittihad realizes that winning this championship and embracing the title will give it a great moral boost in the local competitions that it is competing for this season, starting with the Saudi Roshan League, as well as the King’s Cup, in which it reached the quarter-finals.
The Portuguese coach, Nuno Santo, is counting on his team’s collectiveness and great homogeneity, in addition to the individual solutions of the best duo in the front line. The Brazilian Romarinho and the Moroccan Abdel Razzaq Hamdallah, and behind them the Brazilian Coronado, the playmaker who is also able to score.
The federation has a homogeneous defensive system that contributed to creating a difficult barrier for passage and reaching the net, and the federation owes its Egyptian international captain Ahmed Hegazy, who plays a major role in the midfield defense, in addition to Ahmed Sharahili, and behind them the Brazilian Grohe, the team’s goalkeeper and one of his sources of safety.
Al-Ittihad coach Nuno Santo always prefers between the Brazilian Luis Henrique, the mid-field player, and the Angolan Helder Costa, who plays at the end.
As for Al-Fayhaa, it relied a lot on the strength of its Serbian goalkeeper, Vladimir Stokovic, who succeeded in stopping many of the blue attacks in the semi-final match against Al-Hilal.
Al-Fayhaa has a number of names capable of making the technical difference offensively, as the Brazilian Paulinho leads these names, in addition to the Nigerian striker Anthony Nwakaimi, while he excels in the middle of the Spanish field, Victor Ruiz, who was crowned the best player in the last Al-Hilal match.

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