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The Minister of Iraq, the President of the Central Bank of Iraq


Muhammad Shayaa Al-Sudani, the Minister of Iraq, Amroz Dushanbe, Mustafa Ghaleb Mukhaif, the head of the Central Bank of Iraq, head of the Central Bank of Iraq.

On the basis of the official news reporter of Iraq, the Sudanese are the design of the director of the Iraq Trade Bank of the Republic of Canada, and Bilal Al-Hamdani, the head of the Department of Trade and Trade in Canada.

The Sudanese Diroz Yakshanbeh, in the course of the union of the Bazargani peoples of Iraq, for a search for an external source of rice sticks, immediate designs for “receiving” by American dollars in local copper poles.

According to this section, the screens, which include designs that include a new version of freshly baked rice, are sold by Kochic merchants through the Iraqi Trade Bank and financial insurance from a central bank, with an additional amount of 500 million dinars.

You can design a letter of imports for these companies that has been proven by the company registration department in the Bazargani Federal Ministry of Canada and the stages of imports by facilitating Canada.

These designs are currently being made by the US dollar in Iraq in November 2022, with a gradual increase in appearance and with a palatine roof in the last rose; As a result, it is 165 dinars for a total of 100 dollars.