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The departure of Paco Rabanne… the designer of “Future Fashion”


He was famous for his crazy ideas… and his perfumes immortalized his name

Yesterday, it was announced that the Spanish-born designer, Paco Rabanne, had passed away at the age of 88, making the fashion world lose one of its pillars and one of the most important and most successful designers of the last century, both technically and commercially.

Apart from his perfumes that bear his name and immortalize him and that were and still are generating high revenues, Rabanne was the first to launch what became known as modern fashion, or rather futuristic, as he takes fashion lovers into space with his metallic colors, outfits made of reinforced plastic and metals, and accessories in which the models look like beings from another world. Despite their strangeness, his designs touched a nerve with a young woman who found in them an otherworldly modernity that distanced herself from the past and its clichés. This young woman was involved in a feminist movement that defined the fashion of the sixties.

Like that young woman, Paco Rabanne yearned for the future and dreamed of a distant world. It can even be said that he was obsessed with this idea, which is confirmed by strange statements he made about the invasion of aliens on Earth. Despite the madness of some of his statements, or rather his strange future predictions, what is credited to him in this regard is that he was the first to predict the entry of fashion into the world of the Internet. He was among the first to market their perfumes on websites in the 1990s.
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