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Tehran to impose the wearing of the hijab with a “video”


The Iranian authorities have released on bail the well-known director, Jaafar Panahi, while the Iranian authorities intend to impose the requirement for women to wear the hijab more strictly through video surveillance, according to the Iranian News Agency yesterday.

Panahi’s release came after he began a hunger strike to protest his detention, which lasted about 7 months, according to a human rights group and media reports yesterday (Friday).

He was released from “Avin” prison, two days after he started a hunger strike “for the sake of freedom,” according to what was reported on Twitter by the US-based Center for Human Rights in Iran, while the Iranian newspaper “Sharq” published a picture of Panahi, who is He hugs one of his supporters.

On the other hand, the Iranian newspaper Etemad said on Friday that the Parliamentary Justice Committee wants to expand the scope of monitoring already used in road traffic to include public places to monitor compliance with the headscarf.

The women will be warned at first, via a text message, in the event of violations, and in the event of a repeat violation, the violations will be punished by imposing a fine on them.

On the other hand, pictures circulated on social networking sites, believed to be of a sick and emaciated Iranian imprisoned doctor, after he announced a hunger strike in support of the demonstrations that took place against the imposition of wearing the hijab, sparked anger and warnings that he was in danger of death, according to Reuters.

In addition, the United States imposed sanctions on 8 Iranian individuals who hold leadership positions in the “Paravar Pars” company that produces “Shahid” drones for the benefit of the “Revolutionary Guards”, which are transferred to Russia for use in its “brutal and unjustified” war against Ukraine, according to what he said. It was announced by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.
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