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Tehran: Iraqi Kurdistan factions are behind the “Al-Masirat” attack in Isfahan


Iran’s Supreme National Security Council accused the opposition factions in Iraqi Kurdistan of being “involved” in the attack, which was launched with three drones, and targeted a military facility in Isfahan, last Sunday.

The Supreme National Security Council said, in a brief statement on its media website, Noor News, that “parts of the drones that were used to carry out the hostile action against the defense facility in Isfahan a few days ago, and explosive materials, all entered Iran with the participation and directions of the anti-revolutionary Kurdish groups.” Stationed in the Kurdistan region of Iraq on the orders of a foreign security apparatus ».

The statement did not mention the foreign security apparatus, but explained that the drone parts were delivered to “one of the infiltrators with them (the groups) in one of the border cities of Iran.”

The statement added, “The above-mentioned parts and materials were assembled in an equipped workshop using trained forces.”

Western media had reported that the Israeli intelligence service (Mossad) was behind the attack, which Iran spoke of thwarting, and indicated that it caused minor damage, and Israeli media said it had achieved “tremendous success.”

The Iranian statement indicated that “Baghdad was reminded several times of the necessity of confrontation with these (Kurdish) groups.”

The Kurdish areas in northern Iraq include training camps and rear bases for many Kurdish factions that Iran has previously accused of serving Western or Israeli interests.

And last March, Iran bombed a villa near Erbil airport with 12 ballistic missiles, under the pretext of targeting an “Israeli conspiracy center,” which was strongly denied by the Kurdistan region’s authorities at the time.