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Salman Al-Dosari – What did Saudi Arabia do to the world?


Last Tuesday 22-11-2022, it was no longer just a passing date in the world; In it, the Saudis weaved a story that will remain engraved in the memory of everyone, the West before the East, and far before the proximate. The victory of the Saudi national team over Argentina in the most important sporting event in the world carries meanings that are more than football and greater than sports. It is a victory for a spirit eager for achievement, a spirit that found an exceptional personality that was able to instill confidence and mobilize vigor, so its achievement was in the form of a peak.
What the Saudi national team did in Tuesday’s historic match is to send a message to everyone who tried to question the Saudi dream, a message that there is no strong and weak, big or small, advanced or reactionary, open and closed in this world… There are those who exploit their capabilities, set their goals and work to achieve them. see it. The victory of the Saudis over Argentina and the subsequent victory of Japan over the Germans radically changed the equation of arrogance, and redefined the competition in a better and clearer way. Whoever wins in the end is the one who plans from the beginning.
The victory achieved by Saudi Arabia over Argentina is bigger than a football. It was closer to what can be described as a “positive Saudi tsunami.” Prince Muhammad bin Salman came at a time when the hard-line Iranian model was dominating the region, so that the world got used to it and coexisted with it. The Saudi crown prince presented his vision, not only for the kingdom; but for the region; A model whose goal is development, civilization, progress and competition. The surprising thing about the story is that development projects take decades for their features to become clear, while in Saudi Arabia it took years, counting the fingers of one hand, to dazzle the world with its new model. Indeed, the Saudi victory in football is a present example of the superiority and success of all Saudi reforms. Is it skeptical anymore?
The Saudi model has practically proven its ability to confront sabotage and failed projects in the region. The idea is that Saudi Arabia has the potential; Not just to be the model in the area; Rather, it should put its mark on the international map diplomatically, economically, militarily, socially, and even athletically, as happened in the opening ceremony of its participation in the World Cup, which, by the way, is the first time that Saudi Arabia has won its opening match since its first participation in the World Cup in 1994, and at whose expense? One of the leading candidates to win the title.
It is not an exaggeration to say that Saudi Arabia’s victory over Argentina is a victory over all the doubters, all the discouraged, all the lurkers, all the belittlers, and all the skeptics. That historic victory united all the Arab and Islamic peoples in a single moment, as if it were a referendum moment that embodied the solid position of Saudi Arabia in the hearts of the peoples of those countries. It is this great prestige that prompted the residents of the Kingdom to spontaneously express their joy in this historic achievement, as if it was their personal achievement.
The popular epics of joy shown by the Arab and Islamic peoples towards the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will remain for decades the most important, strongest, most prominent and most spontaneous message in the history of the entire region. A message full of pride and pride, and the great meanings it bears in love for this country, as much as it bears a clear need for conscious and reformist leaders capable of making history as the godfather of the Saudi vision, Prince Muhammad bin Salman, did and is doing.