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Republicans launch “accountability” procedures for the Biden administration


The Republicans initiated “accountability” procedures against US President Joe Biden and his administration on the issues of immigration and “Covid-19” policies.

Republican representatives officially opened the file of illegal immigration in Congress, yesterday, by holding a hearing, which is the first on the file since they received the majority in the House of Representatives. And the title of a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee came to unequivocally reflect the troubles that Biden will face, “The Biden Border Crisis: Part One.”

Republicans, led by Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, accuse the administration of “creating a crisis” on the border with Mexico and talk about “infiltration of terrorists” and “the flow of drugs” across the border, such as the fentanyl pills that have recently spread in the United States.

On the opposite side of the same building, the Republicans opened another front related to the administration’s policy in dealing with “Covid-19”. The Committee on Oversight and Government Reform held a hearing titled “Federal Outlays for a Pandemic: A Recipe for Waste, Corruption, and Abuse.” Republicans say “billions” of dollars have been wasted on pandemic-related programs.

In another file that may cause great embarrassment to Biden, the FBI searched yesterday the US president’s summer home in Delaware, in a new phase of an operation to trace classified classified documents dating back to his tenure as vice president.
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