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North Korean leader calls for the production of more nuclear material to make weapons


Yesterday, Monday, the Korean Central News Agency said that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un called for the production of more nuclear materials that can be used in making weapons in order to enhance his country’s arsenal, indicating that Pyongyang should be ready to use these weapons at any time.

Kim made the remarks while inspecting North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, including new tactical nuclear weapons and technology to deliver nuclear warheads on ballistic missiles, and tested operations plans for a nuclear counterattack, KCNA said.

The North Korean leader called on the officials to “expand in a far-sighted way the production of nuclear material for weapons in order to comprehensively implement the plan (…) to increase the nuclear arsenal exponentially.”

Kim added that when North Korea manufactures its nuclear weapons “without defects”, “the enemy will fear us and will not dare to provoke the sovereignty of our country, our system and our people,” according to what was reported by the French Press Agency.

Kim said that the enemy of North Korea’s nuclear forces is not a specific country or group, and the policy of increasing the country’s nuclear arsenal is only aimed at protecting it and safeguarding regional peace and stability.

North Korea is stepping up military tests and launched, on Monday, ballistic missiles and simulated a nuclear counter-attack last week against the United States and South Korea, which it accuses of training for its invasion through their military exercises.