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Netanyahu calls Blinken’s criticism of the judicial plan “stupid”


Macron warned him against “deviating from the common concept of democracy.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attacked the “interferences” of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, regarding the plan to amend the judicial system, which is causing great controversy in Israel, and considered it “blatant, clear, unnecessary and stupid interference,” according to the newspaper “Yediot Ahronot”.

Blinken had previously hinted at Washington’s dissatisfaction with the judicial amendments plan. In Israel, he said, “The relations between our two countries are rooted in common interests and values, and this includes our support for democratic principles and institutions, the preservation of human rights, an equal legal system for all, the rights of minorities, the rule of law, freedom of communication, and the preservation of a strong civil society in Israel.” “The commitment of the peoples of our two countries to make their voices heard and to protect their rights is one of the unique strengths of our democracies,” he added.

The government coalition led by Netanyahu is pushing a plan to overhaul the judicial system, as presented by Justice Minister Yariv Levin, that severely restricts the ability of the Supreme Court to overturn laws and government decisions, a plan that has been heavily criticized across all sectors in Israel, and has led to unprecedented demonstrations against the government, which he joined Officials, experts, economists, academics, the high-tech sector and others.

And Israeli and French media said that President Emmanuel Macron “warned” Netanyahu, during their meeting last Thursday, that if there were no changes to his government’s plans, “Paris will conclude that Israel has deviated from the common concept of democracy.” He said that the amendments plan “opens up an unprecedented crisis since the establishment of Israel in 1948.” Netanyahu responded that the Supreme Court “has become too intrusive, and that it impairs economic development,” and said, “Israel has moved from a state of law to a state of lawyers.”
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