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Netanyahu: Autonomy for the Palestinians in exchange for a “comprehensive peace” with the Arabs


The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said that he supports giving the Palestinians self-administration, but he stipulated first that “a comprehensive peace be achieved with the Arab countries, and after that the time for peace with the Palestinians will come.”

This came during his meeting with the President of Chad, Mohamed Deby, who opens his country’s embassy in Tel Aviv today, Thursday, stressing that the visit is “part of the expansion of the Abraham Accords to include several Arab and Islamic countries.”

Netanyahu had made political statements in which he confirmed his disagreement with the position of US President Joe Biden’s administration regarding the Palestinian file and his prioritization in it, rejecting its position that expanding settlements impedes peace prospects.

In an interview with CNN, Netanyahu boasted that he had been able to “circumvent the Palestinians” and sign four historic peace agreements with the Arabs, “which is twice the number of peace agreements concluded by all those who preceded me in 70 years.” He said that “when the Arab-Israeli conflict effectively ends, we will go back to the Palestinians and have a practical peace with them.”

Meanwhile, an American team began talks with the Palestinians and the Israelis; To defuse the escalating crisis between the two parties and impose calm in the West Bank, including Jerusalem. A member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Ahmed Majdalani, said that security and political teams from the American side will talk to the Palestinian and Israeli sides. To discuss the unilateral Israeli measures.

Sources told Asharq Al-Awsat that the assistants of the US Secretary of State, Barbara Lev and Hadi Amr, remained in the region on instructions from Minister Anthony Blinken, and in agreement with the Palestinians and Israelis, in an attempt to reach settlements between the Palestinian and Israeli sides.
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