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Meshary Al Thaidi – Qatar World Cup… No to anomalies


The FIFA World Cup, the World Cup, is not just football for the West; It is an occasion to promote certain values ​​made in the western world.
For a long time, we have been witnessing successive insolence and annoyance from the extreme liberal West in its liberalism, regarding the “normalization” of homosexuality, between the two sexes, female and male, and they have reached the point of abolishing the human kind based on the duality of male and female, and the terrible tampering with the laws of life and human nature… Even indoctrinating young children with these moral toxins, and this is the most dangerous thing, they work from below, from the first degree in the life experience of human beings.
Well, FIFA, the International Federation of Football Associations, did ban the wearing of homosexual badges, which they call the “One Love” badge, in the football matches currently taking place in the World Cup in Qatar.
This angered some European teams, and we witnessed the German national team players putting their hands on their mouths when taking a picture before the start of their first match in the World Cup, against the background of a dispute with the International Football Association regarding wearing the “One Love” badge.
The Germans were defeated in this match by the Japanese Asian team, and the scathing comment on this matter by some cynics was a cartoon showing the German national team players with an image of the “rainbow” flag on their heads, while the image of football, and soccer only, was In the heads of Japanese players!
According to the BBC report, seven European national team captains were expected to wear the “One Love” armband during the tournament, and the German Football Association said on Twitter: “Depriving us of wearing the armband is like depriving us of speaking. We adhere to our position.” That is why the image of the national team members appeared, placing their hands over their mouths.
The best that FIFA allowed the captains of the teams was to wear the “No Discrimination” badge throughout the tournament period. This is what Germany’s captain, goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, did in the match against Japan.
This Western insolence does not even reflect all the players in the Western teams. For example, the captain of the French national team, Hugo Lloris, announced that he would not wear the armband because he wanted to show respect.
Westerners may experience this time that they are not the end of the universe, nor the source of truth, nor the source of certainty, nor the manufacturer of values, nor the guides of human beings, because there are other values, and different societies, that do not agree with this global Western absurdity.
They are content with what they are, that is their business, and we mourn for them, and for the children, mothers and fathers of those societies, but it is completely rejected that their vanity leads to the effeminacy of the whole world.