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Liz Terrace… the story of the rise and fall of a government


The publisher was forced to stop distributing a book about the former prime minister, and the text was re-edited to sound like a political obituary

The British government formed by Liz Terrace collapsed 44 days after she assumed the reins of executive power in the United Kingdom, after her economic plans were subjected to very negative reactions from global markets, so that the value of the pound sterling fell against the US dollar to its lowest historical level ever, and the cost of government borrowing increased. For more than the cost that the governments of bankrupt countries (such as Greece) are required to pay. The president’s attempts to save the situation by retracting some of the contents of her plan did not succeed. It did not even help her until he expelled her finance minister, advisor and closest ally, Kwasi Kwarting, from his post, until the head of the internal system committee in the ruling party informed her of the need to resign from her position or face the party’s deputies rebelling against her in the government and parliament. Thus, Terrace withdrew from the forefront, and the ruling party hastened to choose a successor for it, bypassing the traditional procedures for escalating new prime ministers from its ranks, which made her caretaker period even shorter than her rule.

But if it is a terrace; A graduate of the University of Oxford and a member of the House of Commons, she encountered what might be called “bad luck” during her short stay in “10 Downing Street” – the seat of governments in the capital, London – compared to her companions who do not surpass her in intelligence, because at least she got some of the spoils of the minimum. : As it ended with a permanent salary for life, and the title of former British Prime Minister, and she can return to the exercise of her duties within the scope of her parliamentary seat within the ruling (Conservative) majority party. But the matter is completely different for the writers, Harry Cole or James Hill, who had spent 10 weeks summarizing their efforts to publish their book on the biography of Terrace, entitled: “From the Heart of Mystery: The Astonishing Rise of Liz Terrace” accompanied by her assumption of power, so that everything collapses before their eyes, This forced their publisher to stop distributing printed copies and summon the two writers to alter the text to sound like a political obituary for the woman who had just lost office. The two authors signed the book contract last August while Terrace was engaged in a partisan electoral competition to choose a successor to Boris Johnson, the prime minister who was forced to resign at the beginning of last July, and it seemed at that time that her chances were better than those of her competitors. October 29 was set for the work’s publication, with at least two years of sales expected on shelves and bookstore windows; Of course, without the two writers realizing the surprise that fate had in store for them.

Cole and Hale spent their time collecting testimonials from Terrace’s friends, colleagues, fellow party members, and fans, including long evenings on the bars in Greenwich, where the president has resided for 20 years, and in the pubs of Westminster near Parliament House, where she has worked since her election as an MP. 2019 within the current parliament session, as well as visits to the archive rooms at Oxford University and the British Library, and meetings with journalists specializing in political affairs in Britain, and necessarily interviews with her two weeks before she moved to “10 Downing Street”, and another on a weekend after she assumed power. A third interview was postponed due to the president’s preoccupation with volatile situations.

The two authors found that Taras has a record of failed reforms in the Ministry of Education. The first ministerial portfolio she assumed in 2012 (David Cameron’s government), which can be considered the first indications about the astronomical failure that ended with her as prime minister, but for the purposes of the book they tried to focus on her personal qualities that qualified her to ascend to the planet Westminster: her unwavering belief in herself, and her monetary instincts towards each existing institution or structure.

And by virtue of the fact that the writers Cole and Hill were preparing the biography of the president for publication; The doors were opened in front of them to approach its atmosphere in the heart of the event factory, which allowed them to notice the signs of the coming collapse, and for their hopes for a successful book and prolonged sales to gradually turn into terrifying nightmares, and their hopes in two years of sales to a few weeks, perhaps until the New Year holidays only, so that everything would be shattered. Something with the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham at the beginning of last October, when it seemed that the end was closer than they had imagined at the beginning, and the pressure on them doubled from the publisher to amend the book and try to save what could be saved.

But it was too late; As some of them published a picture of the cover of the book with a price reduction sticker on it by 99 pence (that is, less than one pound compared to the original price of the book by 20 pounds), which is the formula that British booksellers usually resort to in order to quickly get rid of some titles that have lost the reasons for their continued display. The image spread on social media, spreading wildfire, and people transmitted it to joke widely within their groups on “WhatsApp”, “Telegram” and “Reddit”, and an American business administration professor wrote on his page on “Linked”: “Imagine being unlucky like Cole and Hale, so you invest your time and money in a project like their book, which is completely finished even before it begins.” One of them called on Twitter to “pray and pray for the two writers whose book will be released on December 8 next.” A betting company posted a fake photo on its Facebook page showing hundreds of copies of the book being destroyed, while Sir Keir Starmer, leader of the opposition Labor Party, used the book’s title to mock the prime minister during regular questioning in the House of Commons.

“It was surreal.” The two writers say in an article about their humiliating experience; Especially after media requests from around the world poured in on them to talk about their feelings while Terrace fell while their book on its rise awaits the next several weeks for publication!

In light of these circumstances, the two writers and the publisher decided to bow to the storm and seek to save what could be saved by amending the title of the book after several suggestions to read: “From the Heart of Mystery: The Inside Story of the Unexpected Rise and Rapid Fall of (Liz Terrace)”, and it will be distributed to the public in a hardcover version first. From the 24th of November.

And of course; Since today, many doubt the value of the book, and see that it is hasty and that its authors will fail to evaluate the experience of Terrace just as they failed to anticipate its rapid downfall, and that it is one of the types of propaganda books that are produced swiftly to take advantage of the aura surrounding personalities rising to the ranks of fame without much scrutiny, narration, or narration. a pensive look, or used by these rookies to offer copies to fans and friends; And if they disperse from around Terrace now, and there is almost no one left of them. While book market experts expect that it was “burned” by the fading of the status of the author of the biography, and not even a thousand copies of it will be sold.

But the biggest lesson from the experience as a whole was that writing history cannot be canned, folded, and interrogated to serve a fluid present, and that these attempts should be limited to car journalism until events mature and their effects and dimensions emerge. A lesson that Cole and Hill must have learned at a high price, and they will definitely not meet again to write a biography of another British Prime Minister at the beginning of his rise to power.