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Lebanon: Thousands of Syrian children without rights or identity


Thousands of Syrian children, who were born in Lebanon during the period following the Syrian displacement, face a future without an identity, homeland or rights, due to the lack of registration of their births, as they are united by poverty and live on aid, which in turn raises widespread controversy in Lebanon.

The Governor of Baalbek-Hermel, Bashir Khader, raised the problem of Syrian children in Lebanon in the absence of accurate statistics on their full number in Lebanon. Khader wrote in a tweet on Twitter, “The percentage of displaced Syrians in the Baalbek-Hermel governorate, who are under the age of 12, constitutes 48 percent of the total displaced.”

The problem lies in the number of children not registered with the UNHCR, while the Lebanese Ministry of Affairs has been striving for two years to carry out a statistical process for unregistered Syrian births in preparation for securing their identity, so that they do not remain in the unregistered category.

A source in the Ministry of Social Affairs told Asharq Al-Awsat that the number of children registered since 2011 until now is 221,000 out of 814,000 children.

Maria Khayyat Assi, executive director of the “Beyond” association that deals with child protection, told Asharq Al-Awsat that most of the unregistered children were born in the camps and thus became unregistered. What deprived them of the right to education and medical care, and they had no choice but to enter the labor market, and then they were exposed to various types of risks, including trafficking.
Thousands of Syrian children in Lebanon without identity