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Israel: Protests continue despite the President’s call for dialogue


The White House: No arrangements have yet been made about inviting Netanyahu

Leaders of the major protest movement against the government’s plan to change the system of government and weaken the judiciary in Israel announced that they would continue their weekly demonstrations despite the president’s call for dialogue, and warned that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was deceiving citizens by announcing the suspension of legislation on Monday evening, while his government coalition passed a new law. Yesterday (Tuesday), it falls within the framework of making Jewish law a reference for civil law, and a draft amendment to a basic law was put forward aimed at changing the composition of the Judges Appointment Committee and the coalition’s control over it.

Although the coalition claimed that proposing the law was a “technical measure,” the opposition considered it as someone who puts the gun on the table before dialogue. However, the political leadership of the opposition, represented by the head of the “official camp” party, Benny Gantz, and the head of the “There Is a Future” party, Yair Lapid, agreed to enter into a dialogue hosted by President Isaac Herzog on Tuesday evening, at his residence, as the first “dialogue meeting” between The parties affiliated with the ruling coalition and the opposition are discussing the judicial reform project, which is sparking widespread protests.

Meanwhile, White House officials have made it clear that there are no arrangements to be announced regarding the “possibilities” of US President Joe Biden inviting the Israeli prime minister to the White House.

The New York Times had quoted the US ambassador to Israel, Thomas Naides, as saying that President Biden would host Netanyahu at the White House in the coming months. Naides expected that the call would take place in the aftermath of the Jewish Passover and Easter, that is, in mid-April.
Protest leaders warn of Netanyahu’s deception