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Israel is floundering in the tunnel of “amendments” until further notice


Netanyahu suspended his coup plan against the judiciary…and the protesters are calling for a constitution

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, announced the suspension of the process of legislation related to the coup against the judiciary and its weakening, until the next parliamentary session, in order to allow a dialogue with the opposition on an agreed-upon plan, which means that Israel is floundering in the tunnel of amendments until further notice.

“Out of a desire to prevent a split in the nation, I have decided to postpone the second and third readings in order to reach a broad consensus,” Netanyahu added, in a prime-time televised speech.

Netanyahu was speaking after mass street demonstrations, one of the largest in Israel, and a general strike paralyzed the country yesterday. But he hesitated in announcing the decision due to the opposition of his ally, Itamar Ben Gvir, Minister of National Security, who threatened to withdraw from the government coalition.

In a brief statement, Ben Gvir announced that he had secured a commitment from Netanyahu to pass legislation during the Knesset’s summer session, even if no agreement was reached with the opposition. He revealed that in return for this concession from him, he obtained a commitment from Netanyahu to form the “National Guard”, which is a private official militia to serve Ben Gvir’s policies against the Palestinians.

The unions stopped their general strike that paralyzed the country yesterday, while the protest leaders declared that this agreement “does not solve the core problem.” They stressed that the only solution to the crisis is to start work on drafting a constitution that guarantees that no government in the future will carry out a coup against the government and its democratic institutions. . Therefore, they declared that they would “continue to protest”.