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Israel attacks “Jihad” in Gaza… and excludes “Hamas”


It assassinated prominent leaders in the movement and warned “Hezbollah” not to interfere…and the factions responded with dozens of missiles

Yesterday, Israeli combat aircraft and drones attacked a number of “Islamic Jihad” sites, in a military operation dubbed “The Truthful Dawn”. Israel avoided bombing Hamas targets, as it took neutrality, but warned it not to interfere, while the factions responded by firing dozens of rockets at towns in southern Israel.

The Israeli operation was preemptive, claiming that “Jihad” insists on launching retaliatory strikes in response to the arrest and insult of its leader in the West Bank, Bassam al-Saadi. Israel said that “the jihad’s tense position came due to the presence of Secretary-General Ziad Nakhaleh in Tehran for meetings with Iranian leaders.” And it warned against joining the Lebanese Hezbollah and other arms of Iran in the war.

On the other hand, “Jihad” considered this operation a declaration of war aimed at liquidating the spirit of resistance and Palestinian resistance organizations, and thus liquidating the Palestinian cause. She mourned to the Palestinian people the killing of a number of its leaders, led by the commander of the Al-Quds Brigades forces in the northern Gaza Strip, Taysir Al-Jabari, and the commander of the Missile Forces unit, Abdullah Qaddoum.

In addition, Egypt decided to resume mediation efforts to stop the war. However, Israeli estimates spoke of a process that would take at least several days. It declared a maximum emergency within 80 kilometers of the Gaza border, called on Israeli citizens to stay near shelters or leave for towns in the north, installed the Iron Dome system around Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and imposed restrictions on air traffic at Ben Gurion International Airport and diverted planes to North and East.